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Telerik UI for Windows Phone Developer [Licence]

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New Features

Telerik UI for Windows Phone includes over 45 controls and 50 design templates for building Windows Phone 8 apps. The suite includes powerful controls such as the Calendar, Chart, DataBoundListBox, SlideView, RateAppReminder, TrialReminder and many more. Plus take advantage of sample applications with source code, getting started videos and comprehensive documentation.

New in Q3'13

  • New! CloudCalendar - based on RadCalendar, CloudCalendar features tight integration with the cloud and allows you to easily store appointments directly to your cloud account.
  • New! Feedback and Notifications Center - companion app that will allow you to schedule notifications and receive feedback from your application users without the need to open the portal.
  • Social Login in CloudLogin - Social Login functionality has been added to our CloudLogin component, enabling users to log into your application using their social sites credentials (Facebook, Google, LiveID).
  • CloudDataSync mechanism integrated with Azure - can now be integrated with any Azure Mobile Service enabling you with a single line of code to store locally and synchronise your data among multiple devices.
  • Pinterest-like layout in DataBoundListBox - Pinterest-like wrap layout in DataBoundListBox control is now a great way to display items with different sizes.

New in Q2'13

  • CloudDataSync mechanism - offers support for Cloud Data Synchronisation with Offline support - out-of-the-box. Store cloud objects locally and make sure that both Cloud and local storages are in sync.
  • Image Editor - enables users to manipulate images including cropping, resizing, contrast, auto fix colours, blur, hue editing and more.
  • Async support in RadMessageBox - now fully utilises the async/await pattern by providing asynchronous overloads of the Show method.
  • New chart features - supports Multiple Axes enabling you to present series of different scales on the same graph, Annotation features let you use annotations to highlight certain areas on the plot graph and support for Empty values allow you to bind to objects or collections of objects whose property is null.

New in Q1'13

  • New! BarCode - the BarCode component can generate industry-standard barcode formats, including QR codes, and easily place them in your app.
  • New Tile Templates for LiveTileHelper - with Windows Phone 8, tiles are even more customisable than before with new sizes and new templates. The LiveTileHelper expands your options even more. This component can be used to create and update tiles linking to pages within your application and allows you to use each of the new templates and add custom UIElements as their content.

Key Features

Tools for building the users favorite apps

Rich, innovative, designed to help apps rank better on the Marketplace, RadControls for Windows Phone is the toolset of choice of top publishers. The suite features the fastest ListBox control out there, stunning animations and transitions out of the box, application building blocks and design templates.

Building blocks to help you drive engagement and revenue

RadControls Application Building Blocks - TrialReminder, RateAppReminder, RadDiagnostics and LiveTileHelper are inspired by the Marketplace environment and represent some of the must-have composite parts of a mobile application. They¿ll help you engage deeper with your end-users, earn more ratings and ultimately achieve better app's ranking on the marketplace.

50+ design templates - your personal modern UI designer

More than 50 ready-to-use design templates to help Windows Phone designers and developers with the lack of in-house resources. The templates include: about page, error handling support, trial messages, pages with details, galleries and many more. A Visual Studio wizard can help you to configure the app's entire infrastructure. What's left for you is to fill-in your apps' content.

Filling the gaps in the stock UI Toolbox

Granting you access to additional functionalities on top of the Microsoft Windows Phone Toolbox, RadControls speed up your development and shorten your app time to market. Among the controls available in RadControls only you will find: Animations, Chart, Calendar, BulletGraph, Diagnostics, Gauge, LivetileHelper, MessageBox, Pagination, Rating, SlideView and many more.

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