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Telerik UI for WinForms Professional Developer

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Telerik UI for WinForms Professional Developer

Published By:  Telerik

Classic Windows Forms controls with modern WPF-like appeal

Product Variants

Other product variants may be available, please contact us or request a call back if you cannot see what you are looking for.

New Features

Telerik UI for WinForms includes over 45 UI controls based on the unique Telerik Presentation Framework. Now you can quickly build visually-stunning Line of Business applications by using the controls along with the Visual Style Builder. Boasting a well designed architecture and CAB support, RadControls is perfectly suited for your Enterprise desktop development. Telerik controls come with a range of ready-to-use themes including a Metro-inspired theme.

Included Controls

Buttons, Calendar, Carousel, Chart, ColorDialog, Dock, Form, GridView, Menu, RibbonBar, Rotator, Scheduler, StatusStrip, TabStrip, ToolStrip, TreeView...

And more!

New in Q3'14

  • New - Document Processing Libraries - moved from CTP to Beta - this library provides the APIs for working with the most common document formats: .docx, .rtf, .xlsx, .csv and .pdf.
  • New - RadRadialGauge - The new WinForms Radial Gauge is very useful for illustrating progress toward a goal, the current status of a value within a range of upper and lower bounds, or a summary of some fluctuating metric.
  • New - RadZipLibrary - Use the new RadZipLibrary to create and load ZIP files, browse the contents of an existing ZIP file and send compressed data over the Internet. The easy-to-use API supports password protection and different compression levels.
  • New - RadRichTextEditor - The Q3 release delivers a new, improved version of RadRichTextBox. The new RichTextEditor control fixes disadvantages of the old RichTextBox and includes new highly requested features.
  • New - RadCheckedDropDownList - The new RadCheckedDropDownList allows your end users to choose from a predefined list of values by selecting them from a drop-down list, or by simply typing and selecting them using auto-complete.
  • RadGridView Spread Export - A spread exporter that exports the RadGridView content in native .xlxs is available - no need to install Microsoft Office.
  • Search a You Type - Search-as-you-type navigation to RadListView, RadTreeView and RadPropertyGrid supplements the current keyboard navigation.

New in Q2'14

  • Document Processing Libraries - UI for WinForms now provides the APIs for working with the most common document formats: DOCX, RTF, XLSX, CSV, and PDF. With this release, you can embed, load, create, convert and print documents directly within your apps, without needing to have Microsoft Office, or any other external library, installed.
  • Improved RadScheduler - Without doubt, Scheduler a powerful and highly-used component. Based on your feedback, we are glad to introduce an improved version of RadScheduler that addresses shortcomings and enhances its functionality and performance.
  • Built-In Text Search in RadGridView - RadGridView is now enhanced with smart text search functionality. Upon writing in the built-in search text field, the end user will get immediate visual feedback from RadGridView if the visible cells on the screen match the search criteria. Furthermore, upon clicking the search button or hitting the Enter key, the end user will be navigated to the cells of interest. The search process is asynchronous ensuring smooth application experience.
  • Null-Value Support for RadCharView - A feature useful in many business cases, null-value support, is now available in ChartView. It enables RadChartView to properly display data with missing records for a given category or date, so your end users don’t confuse the missing records with zero values for those categories/dates.
  • Multi-line Support for Tabs in RadPageView - A highly requested feature, the ability to arrange tabs in multiple lines is now available with Q2 2014. This feature enables you to see more of your tabs in one glance, even when the the width of your RadPageView instance is smaller.
  • Interative Splitters and Split Buttons in RadSplitContainer - As of this release, RadSplitContainer provides interactive splitters and split buttons. This feature allows the end-user to more intuitively collapse or expand a panel when needed. Thanks to this out-of-the-box feature, you no longer need to use code to control the expand/collapse behavior of your end-users.
  • Animated Navigation Between Views in RadCalendar - RadCalendar now offers slick animated navigation between views similar to the one in the Windows calendar. Thanks to that feature, you can easily switch to a date years ahead or behind of the date currently in view.
  • Freely Typed Dates in RadMaskedEditBox - Up until now, end-users had to enter dates according to a specific predefined mask. With this release, they are able to enter a date in a wide range of formats, and RadMaskedEditBox will automatically convert the entered date into a DateTime value.
  • Date and Time Picking Made Easy with RadDateTimePicker - Up until now, the drop down menu in RadDateTimePicker only allowed selecting a date. This Q release allows you to pick not only the date, but the time as well. Furthermore, it supports freely typed dates, automatically selecting the entered date.

New in Q1'14

  • UI for WinForms Integrates With Telerik Analytics - Telerik UI for WinForms now features built-in integration with Telerik Analytics. Quickly access application usage data, including most popular features and run-time errors.
  • Collapsible Panel - RadCollapsiblePanel is a flexible control that helps you save space and achieve easier navigation through your application.
  • Binding Navigator - provides a basic UI for navigation through a collection of business objects.
  • Data Entry - provides an easy way to display and edit arbitrary business objects in a form layout.
  • RadGridView: Paging - allows your end-users to easily check data page by page, without scrolling up and down in a grid containing thousands of records.
  • RadChartView: Stepline Series - a new series joins the many series already available in RadChartView: Stepline.
  • RadChartView: Printing Support - RadChartView is yet another control from UI for WinForms to offer printing.
  • RadSpellChecker: TextBoxes Integration - RadSpellChecker for RadTextBox, for RadTextBoxControl and even for Microsoft TextBox provides visual cues if a word is misspelled.

Dazzling, previously impossible, WPF-like Visual Effects

Inspired by WPF, the RadControls for WinForms support the latest visuals including transparency, rotation, animation and transition effects. The suite showcases the magnitude that can be achieved with GDI+ and Telerik Windows Forms. Enjoy rich and powerful UI support.

Theme Support

All RadControls for WinForms come with full Theme support ¿ you can use any of the provided themes, or build new ones from scratch to fit your exact scenario. Themes can be applied across all controls built on the Telerik Presentation Framework.

Unique Architecture, Inspired by WPF

The Telerik Presentation Framework provides a completely customisable architecture for the controls in the suite by following WPF best practices. The Framework and its tools supply attractive and functional defaults for the Telerik RadControls, while simultaneously allowing developers to exercise very fine-grained, CSS-like control over every aspect of their appearance and behavior.

Unlimited Nesting of UI Elements

The uniform nature of the control architecture makes it possible to nest controls within each other for more flexible and modern user interfaces, unseen before.

WPF-like Effects in Classic Windows Forms

While RadControls for WinForms allow stunning visual effects, there is no learning curve involved to using them because they come with the well-familiar technology of classic Windows Forms. They just look better!

Ideal Choice for Enterprise Line of Business Applications

RadControls for WinForms is a powerful set of controls for business applications that works beautifully in the most demanding scenarios. Telerik¿s Windows Forms suite is one of the very few to offer enterprise-level CAB support. The Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for WinForms provides easy integration with CAB and its underlying infrastructure. It is well suited for enterprise applications, and it helps developers to use best practices and patterns.

Outstanding Technical Support and Resources

Telerik offers online forums to the community, as well as wealth of online support resources to minimise the learning curve (Knowledge Base, extensive documentation, product videos, Code Library, etc.). All of this is in addition to the outstanding technical support Telerik is known for with a one business day turnaround of technical inquiries via our support ticketing system.

RTL Language Support

Telerik¿s controls can be used in all languages supported by the .NET framework, including Right-to-Left ones like Arabic and Hebrew.

Royalty-free Licensing with Source for Better ROI

Telerik¿s source code is available with most licenses. Telerik also offers the most aggressive release schedule in the industry with guaranteed three major releases per year.

Starter licences

  • Community Assistance
  • Dedicated support - covering up to 10 incidents
  • Support response time of 72 hours
  • Supports up to 3 purchased starter licences per company - cannot be combined with any 'Professional' licences.

Professional licences

  • Community Assistance
  • Dedicated support - unlimited support incidents
  • Support response time of 24 hours
  • Updates for subscription period
  • Source code
  • Licenced developer switching
  • Supports an unlimited number of purchased licences per company.

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