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Telerik UI for Silverlight Professional Developer [Licence]

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New Features

Telerik UI for Silverlight includes over 25 UI controls that can be used in pure Silverlight applications or as parts of existing ASP.NET applications. Sharing the same codebase with Telerik's WPF components, the Silverlight controls offer a clean and intuitive API, complete Blend support and powerful theming capabilities that will radically improve your RIA development. The WPF controls come with a range of ready-to-use themes including a Metro-inspired theme.

Included components

Calendar, ContextMenu, CoverFlow, Cube, Docking, Drag & Drop, Expander, Gauge, GridView, MediaPlayer, Menu, Navigation, TabControl, TreeView, Upload, Window...

And more!

New in Q3'14

  • New - RadialMenu (beta) - RadRadialMenu for Silverlight is a touch-friendly circular menu that provides a smooth, reliable gestural interaction.
  • New - ToolTip (official) - RadToolTip for Silverlight enables you to easily set up custom tooltips for various controls. It comes with more than 15 built-in themes for personalization and styling. You can use it to add text and images to your custom tooltips.
  • New - PathButton (official) - The new PathButton control is a customisable button, enabling you to build complex forms and manage user input. It has all the features of the Button control, with the addition of a path to the default template.
  • PivotGrid - RadPivotGrid provides yet another option for easy data summarisation and visualisation.
  • ChartView - Take advantage of powerful charting components to help users display and analyse complex data. Facilitate their decision-making process through rich data visualisation support.
  • Spreadsheet - RadSpreadsheet provides even more options for formatting and editing data.
  • PdfProcessing - Numerous improvements including table support, API improvements and a new FixedDocumentEditor class.
  • TileList - Easily manipulate the look and feel of the groups’ layouts.
  • ToolBar - RadToolBar comes with a new API that enables easy control of the vertical and horizontal alignment of items.
  • PropertyGrid - New EditorAttribute feature and Custom Search (filtering) option.
  • RichTextBox - Enable users of your application to implement support for different Input Method Editors (IME) on their own through the new IME customisation support.

New in Q2'14

  • New Visual Studio 2013 Theme - With the Q2 2014 release of UI for Silverlight Telerik have introduced a brand new theme inspired by the Visual Studio design that will bring the look and feel of Visual Studio 2013 to your application.
  • SpreadProcessing (official) - RadSpreadProcessing for Silverlight enables your applications to process the most common spreadsheet file formats without external dependencies on third-party libraries (such as Microsoft Excel). Seamless creation, loading and modification of documents in a variety of formats is enabled.
  • PdfProcessing (CTP) - The new PdfProcessing is a document-processing library that enables your applications to easily import and export files to and from PDF format.
  • PivotGrid enhancements - You can now easily sort dates and numeric dimensions in a meaningful way. A localization improvement in RadPivotGrid enables you to adjust the control to any culture.
  • Spreadsheet enhancements - The new PDF export feature for RadSpreadsheet enables users to seamlessly export their files into PDF format. The new sorting functionality in RadSpreadsheet enables you to organize and search your data seamlessly. The new filtering functionality enables you to add flexibility to your data.
  • ScheduleView enhancements - For even more customization options, use the custom appointment height to set different heights for appointments in Month View. The new Drop Over Appointment functionality enhances your ScheduleView applications.
  • PropertyGrid enhancements - Edit only one item at a time with the separate editing mode in RadPropertyGrid. The new ScrollIntoViewAsync method enables you to easily locate an item that is outside of the viewpoint or is a part of a collapsed list.
  • TreeListView enhancements - A new functionality in TreeListView, enables you to display hierarchy-connecting lines. This feature makes navigating in hierarchy scenarios much more intuitive and easy.

New in Q1'14

  • Docking - Use nested RadDocking inside other RadDocking instances for even the most complex layout scenarios. This provides multiple DocumentHosts, levels of docking compass restriction and inner Tabs.
  • Spreadsheet - introduces freeze pane support, printing and print preview, workbook and worksheet protection and images support.
  • ChartView - Support for smart labels for Pie chart (spider mode).
  • ZIPLibrary - The ZIPLibrary control is redesigned from scratch. The new design allows for improved cross-platform compatibility, standards support and overall functionality. With the new Silverlight SDK Samples Browser you can browse through the Silverlight SDK examples without any user interaction with GitHub
  • Silverlight SDK Browser - with the new Silverlight SDK Samples Browser you can browse through the Silverlight SDK examples without any user interaction with GitHub.

A comprehensive toolset from the masters of web UI

Traditionally, being one of the leaders in web interface technologies, Telerik now offers you RadControls for Silverlight - a comprehensive suite of 25+ controls that bring style and interactivity to your LOB applications.

Engineered for Great Performance

RadControls for Silverlight are engineered for outstanding performance and smart use of UI and Data virtualization. Built-in 'Load On Demand' mechanism for relevant controls allows for significant performance gains when working with heavy data.

Full support for Expression Blend

RadControls for Silverlight are fully stylable through Microsoft Expression Blend. You don't need to learn yet another proprietary styling application or configuration tool.

Common codebase and shared API with WPF controls

All of the controls in the Telerik Silverlight suite are derived from the same codebase with their Telerik WPF counterparts, guaranteeing synchronized future development. Furthermore, both suites share the same API, which cuts in half the learning periods and ensures complete code reusability.

Full Interoperability with ASP.NET AJAX

RadControls for Silverlight are perfect addition for existing ASP.NET AJAX applications and work perfectly with Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. This enables you to add sections with advanced vector interfaces when needed, without rewriting your working applications for scratch.

Ready-to-use Themes

Group styling is made easy thanks to the integrated theme support. Just set a single property and the components will be re-skinned. New skins will be added with every release. A unique style building mechanism allows you to change the skin's color scheme of the whole suite with just a few clicks.

Industry-Best Technical Support

A successful software project does not take just quality tools. If you encounter a problem or need an advice, just contact our renowned support team. We will make sure you get your job done and deliver more than expected.

Starter licences

  • Community Assistance
  • Dedicated support - covering up to 10 incidents
  • Support response time of 72 hours
  • Supports up to 3 purchased starter licences per company - cannot be combined with any 'Professional' licences.

Professional licences

  • Community Assistance
  • Dedicated support - unlimited support incidents
  • Support response time of 24 hours
  • Updates for subscription period
  • Source code
  • Licenced developer switching
  • Supports an unlimited number of purchased licences per company.

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