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Telerik Test Studio Load Testing

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Telerik Test Studio is a powerful testing solution covering all your software testing needs. Take advantage of functional testing and test HTML5, AJAX, Silverlight and WPF apps, JavaScript calls, Telerik controls, client-side behaviours and more. Run functional tests as performance tests and gather data on server processing time, network latency and client rendering time. Test Studio comes with a standalone app and a Visual Studio plug-in that use the same repositories and file formats providing a common platform for developers and testers to work together.

Functional Testing

Test HTML5, AJAX and XAML apps, JavaScript calls, Telerik controls, dynamic page synchronization and more.

Testing in Visual Studio

Leverage our Visual Studio plugin for powerful functional testing. Record tests, modify them with C# or VB.NET code as you need.

Exploratory Testing

Plug Test Studio Explore into your browser to capture screen images and annotations with just a few mouse clicks.

Manual Testing

Put all your automated and manual tests in one place. Manual testing is now organized, productive and faster.

Load Testing

Craft load tests out of your functional tests or Telerik Fiddler logs. Set up goals and compare live results from different test runs.

Performance Testing

Build web performance tests with ease. Gather data on server processing time, network latency and client rendering time.

Mobile Testing

Test your Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 apps against any device or browser.

Test Studio

Supports functional web and desktop testing, web performance testing, load testing, manual testing and includes the Visual Studio plug-in.

Portable Machine Licence

Test Studio can be installed on multiple machines as long as it is only activated on one machine at a time (assuming a single licence is purchased). If you need to move the licence to another machine, a simple, one-click deactivation will free-up the licence so it may be activated on another machine. There is no limit to the number of times this process can be performed.

Test Studio run-time

Requires Test Studio licence. Supports test execution only with an unlimited number of users.

Virtual user packs

For load testing - requires Test Studio licence.

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