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X-Win 32

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X-Win 32

Published By:  StarNet Communications Corp.

Advanced PC X server with productivity enhancing features

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X-Win32, also known as X-Win32 LIVE is an advanced PC X server on the market that while remaining the easiest to use, X-Win32 delivers the most complete set of productivity enhancing features and unmatched performance over both LAN and slow Internet connections. X-Win32 is the only PC X server that comes standard with integrated SSH, OpenGL and state-of-the-art session persistency to protect against session crashes. From network or server administration to designing the world's most advanced semiconductors, X-Win32 delivers the most cost-effective and secure solution for accessing remote UNIX and Linux hosts. X-Win32 products offers unmatched performance and innovations such as:

  • Recover sessions after a Windows crash, network or power failure
  • Suspend/Resume sessions
  • Move sessions from one PC to another
  • Connect to Linux/Unix hosts at LAN speed over Internet connections
  • Display desktops from multiple X hosts
  • Run X-Win32 from a USB Flash drive

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