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SolarWinds Standard Toolset [Licence]

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SolarWinds Standard Toolset *Net New Business Only* [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Support (Installation) (3-Months) (1) Desktop - Electronic]   £150.15   Email   Add to Basket

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If you need a no-frills, affordable network management solution that gets the job done, then SolarWinds Standard Toolset is the answer for you. Standard Toolset is a collection of fundamental network discovery and troubleshooting tools that enable network engineers to diagnose issues and manage small to midsize networks. For more advanced troubleshooting or more sophisticated networks, Engineer’s Toolset contains more than twice as many tools and expanded functionality.

Workspace Studio

Troubleshoot network issues in an environment where you can deploy, group, and connect network management tools.

Advanced Subnet Calculator

Perform classful subnet calculations, Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) calculations, and DNS resolution.

Bandwidth Gauge

Display bandwidth statistics for all data being received and transmitted for any remote network device.

DNS / WhoIs Resolver

Look up and report on domain names, URLs, IP addresses, network addresses, and e-mail addresses.

Enhanced Ping

Continuously monitor devices and show real-time response rates in graphical charts.

IP Network Browser Standard

Perform network discovery on a single subnet or a range of subnets using ICMP and SNMP.

NetFlow Configurator

Remotely configure NetFlow v5 via SNMP on supported Cisco® devices - it's never been easier to get started with NetFlow!


Use SolarWinds 'simple ping' tool to keep a running response time log and export results.

Ping Sweep

Scan a range of IP addresses to display which addresses are in use and to perform reverse DNS lookups.

Advanced CPU Load

Monitor and graph the real-time CPU load on routers and set alarm thresholds to quickly identify problems.

Subnet List

Discover all subnets and masks on a network by scanning route tables on a seed router.

Toolset Launchpad

Immediately access all 15 networking tools and customize groupings so that you can quickly access your favorites.

Trace Route

Trace the route of a network path from your computer to any other device.


Generate a 'Magic Packet' to remotely power on PCs attached to networks.

Watch It!

Monitor and alert on the availability of critical network devices directly from your desktop.

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