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SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

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SolarWinds’ SQL Server performance tuning software is the one database performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning solution designed specifically to prevent & solve the toughest performance problems. It's not a general purpose SQL Server monitor. Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server goes beyond conventional server health tools. It’s the one tool that all DBAs, Developers, and DBA Managers can collectively use to save time and measurably improve SQL Server performance.

Isolate Root Causes by Performing Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Get to the root cause of SQL Server performance issues without getting lost in statistics.

Improve End User Application Performance

Response Time Analysis helps you make changes that end-users will notice when their apps run faster.

SQL Server VMware

Get unique visibility into how the VMware infrastructure impacts SQL Server database performance.

Eliminate Finger-Pointing Across the IT Team

SolarWinds’ SQL Server performance monitoring software builds collaboration among DBAs, Developers, and Q/A & Server Administrators.

No Agents and No Load

SolarWinds’ SQL Server performance monitoring software is unique with no installed agent and less than 1% load on monitored server.

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