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Sencha Complete

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Sencha Complete

Published By:  Sencha

Includes Sencha Architect, Sencha Touch and Touch Charts, Sencha Ext JS, Sencha Eclipse Plugin and Sencha Mobile Packaging

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Quickly develop desktop and mobile apps using Sencha's flagship products, including Sencha Architect, Sencha Touch and Touch Charts, Sencha Ext JS, Sencha Eclipse Plugin and Sencha Mobile Packaging. With powerful design and coding tools, industry-leading JavaScript frameworks, and the support you need for serious business development, Sencha Complete combines the best app development features in a single, cost-effective bundle.

Sencha Architect

The ultimate HTML5 visual app builder

Sencha Architect empowers development teams to design, develop and deploy desktop and mobile apps from a single, integrated environment.

Architect gives designers the ability to prototype applications with pixel-perfect clarity, and developers a powerful code editor that improves productivity by taking away the tedious parts of software development. With Sencha Architect, designers and developers can work in lock-step to create amazing applications.

Sencha Touch

A powerful mobile app development platform

Sencha Touch, the industry-leading mobile web app framework, enables developers to build rich, mobile apps and provides access to powerful HTML5 technologies such as geolocation, localStorage and CSS3.

With Sencha Touch, developers create smooth and blazingly fast apps that run on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire and more.

Sencha Touch Charts

Rich, interactive charts built in HTML5

Sencha Touch Charts breathes new life into your data and utilises hardware acceleration for optimised performance. With natural gesture support in Sencha Touch Charts, visualising and understanding complex datasets is effortless.

Pinch-to-zoom, swipe-to-pan across data, and tap for deep dives. Data flows come to life with every tap, pinch, and swipe.

Sencha Ext JS

The most advanced desktop JavaScript framework

The Sencha Ext JS cross-browser framework brings high-performance UI widgets and rich data management libraries to desktop app development. Plus, the Ext JS data package enables developers to use a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture when building their app.

Sencha Ext JS also delivers the most advanced charting and graphing capabilities of any JavaScript framework, delivering pixel-perfect visuals that run in any browser, from IE6 to the latest Chrome.

Sencha Eclipse Plugin

Efficient code editing features for Sencha Ext JS

Tap into the power of the Eclipse IDE to code faster and more efficiently when working with Ext JS. The Sencha Eclipse Plugin features rich code completion, error correction, and allows for Eclipse-based team collaboration - making it radically easier to build complex applications in large and distributed team environments.

Sencha Mobile Packaging

Device API accessibility and native wrapping capability

Web applications work everywhere. But there are still a few features uniquely available to native apps - like camera access and app store distribution - that are essential to app developers. Sencha SDK Tools give you the best of both worlds, providing a way to seamlessly ¿package¿ your web app in a native shell and instantly making it app-store-ready. With Sencha Touch SDK Tools, getting ready to submit to the Apple App Store or Android Market is just one command away.

Standard Support

  • Free upgrade to next major release - obtain all major and minor version upgrades for one year.
  • Access to Online Ticketing System - get help directly from the staff at Sencha Support.
  • Premium Forum Access - gain access to the Sencha Premium Forums.
  • Access to Development SVN - test bug fixes, preview new features and see every code checkin through direct access to SVN.

Premium Support

Premium support includes everything in Standard support, plus:

  • Early Access to Custom Bug Fixes - get a quicker temporary fix until the bug is patched in production.
  • Performance Tuning - Sencha will review your code and inform you of potential performance fixes.
  • Faster Response Time - get faster response times to turn your projects around quicker.
  • Remote Troubleshooting - the quickest way to receive valuable assistance from Sencha product experts.
  • Expert Code Review - get your code reviewed by Sencha engineers.
  • Telephone Support - get telephone support direct from Sencha.

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