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Cloud based Web Filtering for Schools

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With schools introducing various devices such as laptops and tablets more and more, where each student potentially has their own device, it is increasingly important that they are protected online. This is where Securly comes in, the web filtering solution designed especially for Education. The entire solution is located on the internet, at the secure and reliable Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacentres. By being cloud-based, you protect any device, anywhere. This enables you to filter devices off-site, eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks, and reduce total costs. Securly integrates with Google’s identity provider (and soon Office 365) services very easily. Whether it is Chromebook or iPads, or even Windows PC laptops, the devices are fully protected.

This solution enables you to create and view easily accessible reports designed to track student performance over time, tracking activities by location (home or school), and type of web behaviour, whether it is good or bad - focusing on finding bad activity, as well as showing students who are embracing the web for Education. You can track negative behaviour such as radicalisation, cyberbullying and self-harm, giving teachers the chance to intervene where necessary and help the affected student. You can block bad web pages, but even protect students on a deeper level through utilising Emotional Sentiment Analysis which detects words, phrases and over time learns to detect inappropriate sentiment such as signs of self-harm/depression for instance, which then can send an alert to the school administrator or even the parent. The Screen Analytics shows a detailed audit trail of students’ social network activity – blogs, posts, and even videos viewed by each individual.

The parental Integration feature within Securly allows parents to work with the teachers to ensure their child’s safety online; the Parent Portal Access enables parents to login and view activity and reports for their own child only. This data can be customised too. Parents can also control what access their child gets on the school’s device when they take it home and are not in school – when they are back on the school’s network, the school’s admin policies take affect again.

For more information about Securly, please call our Education Software Specialist on 01364 655173

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