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SAP Workforce Performance Builder Desktop Edition

Published By:  SAP

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Give your SAP end users the training they need – whenever and wherever they need it – with SAP Workforce Performance Builder. Easily create and deploy context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts, and e-learning materials.

  • Intuitively develop user help – as easily as recording a transaction
  • Quickly create single-source recordings that can be distributed to your workforce in various formats
  • Modify outputs to include additional text, rich media, or any degree of custom formatting
  • Automatically re-create recordings with text and screens in multiple languages

SAP Workforce Performance Builder, Desktop Edition

Add to the features of Producer and Instant Producer: Deploy standard-edition content as context-sensitive user help or copy it to a Web server for easy access

SAP Workforce Performance Builder, Navigation Option Extension

Leverage extra context-sensitive help, designed for highly regulated organisations or companies involved in a change management project.

  • Deliver highly personalised context-sensitive help to specific users or groups
  • Convey information, surveys, or application-specific messages to your users
  • Suggest valid inputs for specific fields via text prompts

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