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SAP Lumira software helps you bring together and transform large and small data to discover hidden insights and answers. Designed for ease of use, the software combines fast data manipulation with engaging visualisations, allowing you to combine and analyse data from a variety of enterprise and personal sources. As a result, you quickly discover unique and valuable insights ¿ no scripts, predefined queries, or reports required.

Reduce data prep time with point-and-click data manipulation

Business analysts typically have to ¿prepare¿ data before they even start an analysis or discovery process, consuming precious time and resources. You may want to eliminate a column you don¿t need, add a new one that includes a formula, or aggregate data under two categories. For example, to view sales for convenience stores and independent grocery stores, data may be aggregated and renamed as a ¿small stores¿ group.

SAP Lumira provides transformation tools to facilitate these mundane ¿ but important ¿ tasks. Using this innovative software, you can prepare data by:

  • Enriching it with geographic and time hierarchies
  • Automatically creating useful measures based on existing data
  • Formatting and cleaning existing data (for example, duplicating, grouping, and trimming)
  • Merging data sets based on a common attribute or key
  • Adding sophisticated formulas without any coding

You can perform all of these transformations without having to write any scripts or code. And best of all, if the data is refreshed, your transformations are automatically applied to the new data.

Quickly create engaging visualisations

Once you¿ve prepared your data, the next step is to use visualisations to convey key insights about your business, customers, and operations. Often, the most important insights can¿t be gleaned from quantitative information, such as rows of numbers. You need powerful, interactive visualisations of data to truly see what¿s most important.

SAP Lumira lets you build visualisations with an engaging drag-and-drop interface. The result? Beautiful graphics and visualisations rendered in real time that support and enhance your iterative thought processes. Whether you create simple bar charts, display bubble charts on maps, or showcase a multidimensional chart, SAP Lumira gives you beautiful analytics to convey and share insights with minimal time and effort. You can:

  • Surface patterns and relationships by selecting chart types suited for your analysis (for example, bar, radar, surface, tag cloud, bubble, and scatter charts)
  • Identify trends with line and multiline charts
  • Show the percentage of parts to a whole with pie charts and tree maps
  • See the big picture at a glance and drill down into the details using filtering data in columns, facets, and charts
  • Show data with geolocation context using country charts and geographic bubble charts.

Reduce dependence on IT

For businesspeople, one of the biggest barriers to faster insight can be waiting for IT to create a predefined query or report each time a new question arises. With SAP Lumira, your IT department can enable better use of corporate data and analytics without adding to its workload. Equally important, IT can avoid having to create additional, siloed infrastructures across your organisation to support increased demand for data-driven visualisations, as the software can connect to your SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform or SAP Crystal Server software.

With SAP Lumira, your IT department can:

  • Deliver insight using a self-service approach, as there is no need for IT to create predefined or custom queries and reports
  • Provide data discovery functions that are connected to the enterprise (for example, to existing data, metadata, and personal sources)
  • Focus on its core mission of delivering information to the business in a timely manner while maintaining good governance that¿s based on one IT-sanctioned security model and one BI platform.

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