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SAP® BusinessObjects

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SAP® BusinessObjects

Published By:  SAP

Broad range of tools and applications designed to help you optimise business performance.

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SAP BusinessObjects offers a broad portfolio of tools and applications designed to help you optimise business performance by connecting people, information and businesses across business networks.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition provides quick analysis of multi-dimensional data with Web-based data analysis tools.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform provides a self-service easy-access solution for business users to access anytime, anywhere.

SAP BusinessObjects EDGE solutions enable midsize businesses to benefit from interactive, open business intelligence and performance management solutions.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard makes it easy for decision makers to explore insights and test out future business scenarios.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer makes it easy to quickly search and explore data for instant insight into your business.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence provide your business users with flexible, self-service access to ad hoc reporting tools and intuitive analytics - on the Web, desktop, or mobile device.

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