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Redgate SQL Test

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Redgate SQL Test

Published By:  Redgate

Unit test add-in for SQL Server Management Studio

Product Variants

Other product variants may be available, please contact us or request a call back if you cannot see what you are looking for.


SQL Test gets you writing and running unit tests in SQL Server Management Studio immediately, without a complex or time-consuming setup process. With SQL Test you can discover defects much earlier in the development cycle and make continuous integration, agile development, and test-driven development achievable goals.

Easily write tests

  • Code tests with T-SQL in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Name and categorise your tests
  • Write tests that matter to your environment.

Run tests and get results

  • Run tests with a single click
  • Choose to run one or more tests at a time
  • Get results and read messages on failed tests to find solutions.

Edit tests

  • Easily edit tests in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Use SQL Prompt (available as part of the SQL Developer Bundle) to speed up coding.

Share with your team

  • Check your tests into source control
  • Tests will be available to your whole team
  • Use SQL Test with SQL Source Control (available as part of the SQL Developer Bundle) for easy sharing.

Powered by tSQLt

  • SQL Test is powered by tSQLt, a versatile open-source framework for designed specifically for creating database unit tests.
  • tSQLt provides the APIs to create and execute tests and works beautifully with SQL Test, which simplifies the process and directly connects to SSMS.

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