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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for SAP Applications with Smart Management (Disaster Recovery)

Published By:  Red Hat

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The Red Hat Enterprise Linux family is one of the industry's most comprehensive suite of certified Linux operating systems - designed for everything from workstations to mission-critical enterprise computing and is certified by top enterprise software vendors. It delivers the highest levels of performance and value - combining the innovation of open source technology with the stability of a true enterprise-class platform. Now you can deploy Linux in the most demanding environments, from the desktop to the datacenter.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux products are delivered through an annual subscription with one year of support services and access to Red Hat Enterprise Network. This ensures your systems stay reliable and secure.

What's new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Here's just some of the key new features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7:

  • Enhanced application development, delivery, portability and isolation through Linux Containers, including Docker, across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments as well as development, test and production environments.
  • Significant file system improvements, including XFS as the default file system, scaling to 500 TB.
  • Cross-realm trust to easily enable secure access for Microsoft Active Directory users across Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux domains, providing the flexibility for Red Hat Enterprise Linux to co-exist within heterogeneous datacenters.
  • Powerful and secure application runtimes and development, delivery and troubleshooting tools, integrated into the platform and container-ready.
  • Innovative infrastructure components like systemd, a leading standard for modernising the management of processes, services, security and other resources.
  • Built-in performance profiles, tuning and instrumentation for optimised performance and easy scalability.
  • Unified management tooling and an industry-standard management framework with OpenLMI for streamlined administration and system configuration.
  • Enhanced application isolation and security applied via containerization to protect against both unintentional interference and malicious attacks.

The Purchase and use of Red Hat products and services are governed by the Red Hat Agreement (please see Documents and Downloads)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is a versatile platform that can be deployed on physical systems, as a guest on the major hypervisors, or in the cloud.

Subscriptions are available with flexible guest entitlements of one, four, or unlimited guests per physical host.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, deployed on IBM System z, provides flexibility, performance, and scalability for server consolidation or for mainframe reliability. Built on a decade-plus industry collaboration, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z brings Linux applications to the mainframe, and delivers efficient management for your Linux workloads.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM POWER

Deploy applications with confidence using the advanced features in IBM Power Systems and the consistency and flexibility of the market-leading Linux operating platform. Standardizing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux across your x86, Power, and Mainframe systems reduces complexity for operations and development - without compromising reliability. Applications can be responsive to business needs with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and support for the latest features in POWER7 and LPAR hardware partitioning.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Business Applications

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Business Applications includes the entire software stack required for optimal operation of SAP applications, as well as enterprise-class service and support.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop

Designed for task workers. Typically requires a limited set of applications. End user has limited administrative control over the system. System administrators need to be able to pre-configure and remotely manage consistent images across a large number of systems.

Primary applications in use are productivity applications like Firefox, Evolution/Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Planner/TaskJuggler. Primary services in use would be network file systems like SMB/CIFS, NFS, printing services, IM.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation

Workstations are designed for advanced Linux users. In addition to the tools provided in the Desktop variant, the Workstation variant supports a stand-alone development environment. End users are expected to have local super-user privileges or select super-user privileges.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux products are delivered through an annual subscription with one year of support services and access to Red Hat Enterprise Network. This ensures your systems stay reliable and secure.

RHEL Subscription Options

  • Basic Support Subscriptions: Web support, 2 business day response, unlimited incidents.
  • Standard Support Subscriptions: Business Hours phone support, web support, unlimited incidents.
  • Premium Subscriptions: 24x7 phone support, web support, unlimited incidents.

How to claim your subscription

To make sure you get your subscription benefits, you will need to take 2 to 3 steps.

  • 1. Go to the Red Hat web site (or direct to and select the ACCOUNT option at the very top of the screen. If you do NOT already have an account then you will need to 'Become a member'. Users already registered may go direct to step 2. (There are two tabs under the 'red' heading strip. Ensure that REDHAT.COM is selected.)
  • 2. Click on the 'Support & Docs' tab (or go direct to ). Complete the 'Activate an Entitlement' entry if not already activated.
  • 3. Select the REDHAT NETWORK.COM tab just under the 'red' heading strip (or go direct to ) - Sign In to RHN. Access will then be given to relevant upgrades etc.

Please note:
With multipack licences, subscriptions are all activated at the same time with a single subscription key. All subscriptions are activated at this one time regardless of when you choose to roll-out each licence, which may affect subscription length with staggered roll-outs.

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