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File Server Management Solution

Published By:  Quest Software International

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Managing file server security is usually a cumbersome, per-server task, taking much of IT¿s valuable time. Centralizing and automating both the assessment and assignment of security increases your organization¿s productivity and results in a more consistent and secure server environment.

ScriptLogic¿s File Server Management Solution empowers organizations to take control over server security by first providing the necessary reporting to assess the current state of security and then ability to centrally assign changes needed based on the report results.

Combining two of ScriptLogic¿s powerful solutions, Enterprise Security Reporter and Security Explorer, the File Server Management Solution brings productive control to your organization¿s file servers.

Features and Benefits

¿ Properly assess security with powerful reporting
° Over 80 turnkey reports out of the box
° Customizable reporting
° Reports on NTFS, shares, AD groups and more
¿ Efficiently lock down servers with encompassing security management
° Centrally manage NTFS, share, registry and printer permissions from a single console
° Backup and restore NTFS permissions to enforce a secure configuration

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