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Paragon Deployment Manager

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Paragon Deployment Manager

Published By:  Paragon Technologie GmbH

Deployment Manager 10 for System Builders

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Deployment Manager is a powerful multicast deployment solution that allows deployment of a master image to 1000¿s of systems simultaneously. It includes all facilities for smooth fully automated server-driven mass deployment, client-driven single or mass deployment as well as unattended or manual local deployment. It supports alternative deployment tools, like WDS/BDD/Images and fully integrates with Microsoft Sysprep and Sysinternals.

Fully automated server-driven mass deployment of a bare metal PC over the network - with the central deployment console you will be able to create and launch an unlimited number of deployment sessions in parallel. Computers connected to the already running multicast session will be deployed asynchronously, thus considerably reducing the overall deployment time. A sofisticated logging and counter systems will make your job particularly effective.

Client-driven single or mass deployment over the network - with this functionality you're free to initiate the deployment procedure directly from the target PC with no need of the central console. It can be done manually or in the unattended mode. If two or more targets ask for the same image then the multicast protocol will automatically be initiated. That is how the flexibility of a client-driven deployment in combination with the multicast technique is achieved. All client-driven sessions history will be logged and can be controlled from the central deployment console.

Unattended or manual local deployment - the easiest way to deploy a computer is to do it with the bootable Linux/DOS or WinPE recovery environments. In this case you won't need to set up and use any network infrastructure at all. Both recovery environments offer a user-friendly interface and are rich in customization options. They can also be used as an efficient last resort tool (System Recovery Solution) to get your system back on track in most emergency cases.

Paragon Multicast Engine for easy work with alternative deployment tools, like WDS/BDD/ImageX - Deployment Manager comes with an easy API and examples how to use its multicast engine to deliver, for instance, .wim images and other tools. Thus you can use Paragon Deployment API together with such Microsoft tools as ImageX, with no need of a crucial change of the technological process, but only by modifying the deployment scripts.

PC life-cycle maintenance - Deployment Manager includes Hard Disk Manager as one of its components.

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