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NXPowerLite For File Servers

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NXPowerLite For File Servers

Published By:  Neuxpower Solutions Ltd

Compress PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF files on your server

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Proven software for reclaiming server space by reducing the size of common business documents.

NXPowerLite can optimize your organization’s PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF files by carefully removing excess data from them.

It reduces the size of the files without changing their format, leaving them much smaller but otherwise identical to the originals. File owners will not see any changes to their files.

Intuitive user interface

  • Intuitive user interface - intuitive user interface makes it easy to select the folders and file types you want.
  • Configuration - select which folders and file types to optimise, choose your settings and schedule when the software runs. Older files can be optimised using more aggressive settings, for even greater savings.
  • Mode - choose whether to analyse or optimise. In 'Analysis mode', NXPowerLite will produce a report showing current storage usage and expected savings. In 'Optimisation mode', NXPowerLite will optimise your files, replacing the originals with the optimised versions.
  • Status - start, stop or pause the current job with a single click. When running, the status section also displays current progress and estimated time to completion.
  • Summary - provides a live summary showing exactly how much storage has been reclaimed so far.

Built-in scheduling

  • Control when your files get optimised - built-in scheduler makes it easy to control exactly when your files get optimised, so it fits in easily with your existing processes.
  • Simple to schedule - with just a few clicks you can schedule which days and times NXPowerLite runs. You can set up to five time periods for any particular day and settings for one day can be easily copied to another.

Comprehensive reports

  • Optimisation report - when a job has completed, NXPowerLite generates a detailed HTML report. This contains a complete overview of your server content, including the storage saved for each file type.
  • Analysis report - in 'Analysis mode', NXPowerLite analyses your server content and generates a report showing current storage use and the potential savings that could be gained by optimising your files using the current NXPowerLite settings.

System requirements

NXPowerLite for File Servers is compatible with servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later, or PCs running Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later.

Must have .NET framework V2.0 or above.

Supported file types

  • Microsoft Word documents (Word 97-2013)
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (Excel 97-2013)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (PowerPoint 97-2013)
  • PDF Documents
  • JPEG images
  • TIFF images (uncompressed TIFFs only).

Also optimises files created in other office productivity suites (such as Google Apps, iWork, Lotus Symphony, OpenOffice or StarOffice), providing they are saved in the Microsoft Office formats.

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