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NXPowerLite Desktop Edition

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition boxshot.

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition

Published By:  Neuxpower Solutions Ltd

Compress PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPEG and PDF file attachments by up to 95%

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NXPowerLite Desktop Edition can compress PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPEG and PDF files from within Microsoft Office or it can integrate directly into your email client to automatically compress email attachments as they are sent. It helps to reduce file bloat and ensures email attachments arrive at their destinations. It works by eliminating excess baggage from files and converts graphics to their most efficient format and resolution whilst ensuring that compressed files look identical to the originals in every way. All compressed files retain their original attributes and functionality.

New in NXPowerLite Desktop Edition 6

  • Microsoft Office 2013 support - adds full support for Office 2013 files, keeping up-to-date with Microsoft Windows 8 standards.
  • Improved PDF and PowerPoint compression - Neuxpower have tested thousands of PDF and PowerPoint files to find opportunities for better optimisation. Version 5 customers might have seen great results on some files but find others would barely reduce at all. With version 6 there's some great new optimisation functionality, so customers can expect considerably more consistent and effective reduction of both file formats.
  • Zip compression in email - now, any emails you send will be automatically reduced by the most appropriate technology - ensuring that if your email can be reduced, it will be.
  • Replace original file - With version 6 the default behaviour will now be to replace the original file with the optimised one. This should save lots of time for regular users, and will no doubt be appreciated by new users as well.
  • Second chance in email - if you realise after hitting 'send' that you didn't want to optimise your attachments, you now have two options - you can click the 'Just send originals' button, which will cancel optimisation and send your email with the attachments untouched, or hit 'Cancel' to return to your email compose window.
  • One-click options - added a range of right-click options to Explorer to make popular tasks easier and faster. For example, if you select several photos, right-click and choose 'Optimize and email', each image will be optimised and automatically attached to a new email.

Simple to use file compression

  • Simple user interface - fast, effective and easy to use. Start compressing files within seconds.
  • Choice of optimisation levels - optimise for screen, print, mobile devices or select your own custom compression settings.
  • Microsoft Office integration - use NXPowerLite file compression directly from within PowerPoint, Word or Excel.
  • Batch processing - optimise multiple files at once by drag-and-drop or folder selection. Alternatively add a standard ZIP archive and NXPowerLite will search through it and compress all supported files.

Email integration

  • Automatically compress email attachments - integrates with your email client to automatically compress big PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and JPEG files attached to emails.
  • Easily share your photos - simplify the sharing of digital images with JPEG compression built right into your email.

Technical specs

  • Supported file types - Microsoft Word 97-2013, Microsoft Excel 97-2013, Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2013, JPEG images, PDF documents, ZIP archives (containing supported file types).
  • Supported email clients - Lotus Notes (6.0-8.5), Microsoft Outlook (2002-2013), Outlook Express / Windows Mail (6.0+).

Compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later. Microsoft Office integration requires Office 2002-2013 32-bit edition. Email integration requires Lotus Notes (6.0-8.5), Microsoft Outlook (2002-2013), Outlook Express or Windows Mail (6+).

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