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Incident Response (IR)

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Incident Response (IR)

Published By:  NUIX

Control and audit access to privileged accounts such as shared administrative accounts, application accounts, local administrative accounts, service accounts, database accounts, cloud and social media accounts, devices and SSH keys.

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Data is Nothing Without Context

Nuix Incident Response reduces the gap between detection and remediation of data breaches. It guides incident responders toward the key evidence of internal or external breaches. You can capture data from hundreds of formats and use advanced investigative techniques to analyze, visualize, and report on the evidence you uncover. Built-in intelligence from our cybersecurity experts accelerates your path to remediation and helps minimize the cost and damage your organization incurs.

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Applied Intelligence
Nuix’s powerful Context user interface is a fast and intuitive way to filter large numbers of items and allow the most interesting and relevant ones to float to the top. Its built-in intelligence automatically groups, shows relationships between, and links highly relevant sets of items.

Find a Thread and Pull it
Having identified an item of interest, incident responders can build a chronology of activity. The time serialization table displays all date and time attributes associated with any file, allowing you to view relevant events in the order they happened, even across multiple evidence sources.

Examine Links and Relationships
Nuix Incident Response offers flexible ways to find links between items that share similar text, file system attributes, IP and email addresses, and other connections across multiple evidence repositories, custodians, and Nuix cases.

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