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NCover Desktop [Licence]

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New Features

NCover Desktop helps .NET developers ensure that code is thoroughly tested. Measure how much of a program's code was executed and find out what portions of code have been tested. Quickly spot quality issues with the multicolored trend graph and use branch visualisation to pinpoint the exact line of code that added unnecessarily complexity to your code.

NCover Desktop can either integrate into Visual Studio as a plugin or be run as a standalone desktop application.

New in NCover 4.5 (Includes items for all NCover products)

Bolt test runner & VS extension

Bolt is NCover's integrated Visual Studio Test Runner and Code Coverage tool. As a test runner, Bolt provides developers using Visual Studio to develop .NET applications with the ability to run MSTest and NUnit tests from a single interface, command line support, test run prioritization and the ability to run and debug unit tests with coverage. As a coverage tool, Bolt expands upon NCover's previous Visual Studio extension and provides a developer-centric view of code coverage, branch coverage visualization, source code syntax highlighting and both standard and advanced code coverage analytics. When used with a licensed version of Desktop, coverage results can be configured to sync with any of your Desktop projects.

10x or greater speed improvement

Representing the largest single improvement in performance since the launch of NCover 4, NCover has dramatically improved the speed, responsiveness and user experience through a series of improvements to the core NCover system. The improvements benefit all users of Desktop, Code Central and Collector. Users with large projects may experience a 10x or greater improvement in system responsiveness and overall speed. The improvements also reduce memory utilisation and disk i/o requirements, further freeing up local and system resource usage.

Reduced storage requirements

Through a series of improvements in the management of historical code coverage data, NCover data store requirements have been significantly reduced for all NCover projects using the Consolidate and Archive functionality. Users managing large projects may experience up to 60-80% reclaimed storage space. The aggregate savings across multiple projects and teams results in a significant reduction in local resources required by NCover. These benefits are automatically realized for all future projects and can be retroactively applied to historical projects by executing the Compact command at the command line.

Supports Visual Studio 2013

NCover now supports Visual Studio 2013, a comprehensive collection of tools and services to help you create a wide variety of applications, both for the Microsoft platform and beyond. By combining Microsoft's development environment with NCover's code coverage solution, you can develop amazing applications that are both inspiring and reliable. In addition, NCover also supports Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2008.

Visual Studio Plug-In

The NCover Desktop Visual Studio plug-in is designed to keep you focused and your attention undivided. It provides all of the tools you need to write well tested bug free code inside of your Visual Studio window.

Code Coverage

By providing sequence point, branch, and method coverage, NCover helps your entire team make best use of their time and resources.

Change Risk Anti-Patterns

Metrics like the Change Risk Anti-Patterns (CRAP) score are a better measure of risk than coverage alone. Since it's extremely difficult to get to full coverage, CRAP score weighs the amount of uncovered code against the complexity of that code.

Source Code Syntax Highlighting

NCover accurately identifies individual lines of code that have not been tested. Lines of code that are highlighted in green have been tested, while lines in red have not been.

Branch Visualisation

Simply roll over the branch visualisation markers to see in real time how the flow of your code progresses.

Cyclomatic Complexity

Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric that lets you know how complex your program is. By measuring the number of linearly independent paths through your software¿s source code NCover are able to show you where your code has opportunities for simplification.

Source Code Analytics

NCover 4 provides detailed source code analytics: Modules, Max Complexity, Max CRAP Score, Namespaces, Methods, Documents, Executions, Percentage Satisfactory Complexity, CRAPpy Methods, Types, SP, BP, Lines of Code.

Auto Upgrade and Update from within the App

Whenever there is an upgrade or update for NCover 4 you will see a small yellow badge located in the top left corner of the application. Simply click on the badge and select that you would like to install the upgrade or update.

Built-in Documentation

Search within the NCover 4 application, without the need of an internet connection, to get the help and resources you need.

Merge Multiple Test Executions

With NCover 4 it¿s easy to merge multiple test executions. This allows teams to easily combine data and de-clutter their execution log.

Simple Project Configuration

Project configuration has become easier with NCover 4. You can add, edit, or delete a project from the Projects Overview Page.

64 & 32 bit support

NCover 4 supports both 64 and 32 bit systems, so no matter what your machine configuration is, there is an NCover for you.

Optimised Memory Consumption

While NCover 4 is more powerful than ever, it is also easier on your machine.

Data Rich Interactive Interface

NCover 4¿s new interface has been designed to give you useful information and statistics at every level of your project. Each page gives you data that can be interacted with and acted upon. Rather than simply providing static reports that are out of date as soon as a new build is available, NCover 4 gives you the ability to explore and dive deep into the code base.

Set Satisfactory Thresholds

Set satisfactory thresholds for a project and track your team¿s progress as they work to meet the goals you have set. When your team has met or exceeded a threshold the bar in the graph will turn green. When your team is below a set threshold the bar will turn red. At a glance you will be able to measure team performance.

Fail Builds Based with Coverage Thresholds

Once you have established the satisfactory thresholds that are right for you and your team, you can also make your build fail when you have not met the desired coverage thresholds.

Export XML Coverage Data

NCover 4 enables you to export XML coverage data. This is useful for archiving progress and maintaining an backed up historical record or for uploading data to a previously established reporting tool.

Bundled Support

NCover 4 includes support with every licence.


  • Supports 1 user and 1 standalone project
  • Industry-Leading Code Coverage Engine
  • 32 & 64 Bit Support
  • Bundled Support
  • Documentation
  • Optimised Memory Consumption
  • Auto Upgrade & Update
  • Run & Debug Unit Tests With Coverage
  • Test Run Prioritization
  • Setup & Teardown Test Timings
  • Run Tests From Multiple Frameworks Simultaneously
  • Command Line Test Runner
  • Project Sync With Desktop
  • Run Tests From Within Visual Studio
  • Developer-Centric Code Coverage View in Visual Studio
  • Branch Coverage Visualization in Visual Studio Editor.


In addition to the features of Bolt, NCover Desktop includes:

  • Support for an unlimited number of standalone projects
  • Centralised Data
  • Data Rich Interactive Browser Interface
  • Branch Coverage Visualisation
  • Source Code Syntax Highlighting
  • Standard Source Code Analytics
  • Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Change Risk Anti-Patterns (CRAP) Score
  • Set Coverage Thresholds
  • Fail Builds Based on Satisfactory Thresholds
  • Snapshots of Ongoing Coverage
  • Portable Coverage Data Export (JSON, XML)
  • Create And Manage Multiple Projects
  • View Multiple Executions and Trends
  • Consolidate Multiple Test Executions
  • Merge Multiple Test Executions
  • Automatically Configure Project Settings
  • Automatic Data Syncing To Code Central
  • Floating Licenses
  • Includes Full Bolt Functionality

Code Central

  • Multi-User Support
  • Optimized for QA Teams
  • Distributable HTML Coverage Report


  • Supports 1 User
  • Provides Automatic Data Syncing To Code Central
  • Optimised for QA Teams
  • Floating Licenses.

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