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Windows Embedded

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Windows Embedded

Published By:  Microsoft

Deliver compelling user experiences on a range of industry devices

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The Windows Embedded 8 family of platforms and tools helps companies extend their operational intelligence, using their existing IT infrastructure and industry devices that securely exchange data with back-end systems. Offering the same rich, multi-touch experience as Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Windows Embedded 8 delivers compelling user experiences on a range of industry devices.

Differentiated Devices

Experience touch

  • Windows Embedded 8 devices enable a more natural user experience through fast, fluid and responsive controls, supporting multi-touch capabilities.

Benefit from distinctive line-of-business applications

Windows Embedded 8 supports your existing Windows Desktop and new Windows 8 style applications.

  • Develop new Windows 8 style applications using the clean, modern design.
  • Extend the value of your existing Windows line-of-business solutions through application compatibility.

Benefit from a wider developer ecosystem

Windows Embedded 8 Industry offers a fixed set of embedded enabled features, which allows broader development opportunities for a consistent and predictable platform.

Harness connectivity

Integrate a multitude of connectivity options to keep devices portable and connected to networks and business-critical data.

  • New and improved connectivity options include Near Field Communication, USB 3.0, Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi.
  • Connected Standby uses very low power when in idle state to help a device remain connected to the Internet, helping to ensure applications are always current.

Enjoy improved power management

  • Smart power management extends the usable life of the embedded device.
  • Developers will be able to build more energy-efficient applications to reduce overall power consumption and improve on green IT.

Plug-and-play peripheral compatibility

POS for .NET provides an open device driver architecture that is based on the Unified Point of Service (UPOS) industry standard to enable seamless peripheral integration.

Trusted Platform

Rest assured with technologies you can rely on

Windows Embedded 8 is built with security, management, availability and reliability in mind.

  • BitLocker technologies help ensure data protection and hard drive encryption.
  • Trusted Boot and Measured Boot add early malware protection to ensure that only a verified operating system image can boot.

Stay protected with Windows Embedded Lockdown

Fully control the device configuration and user experience.

  • Ensure consistent touch interactions with the Gesture Filter.
  • Protect application and operating system by writing data to abstraction layer using Universal Write Filter.
  • Keyboard Filter protects consistent user experience by blocking special key combinations on both physical and virtual keyboards.
  • Suppress Windows system dialogs with the Dialog Filter.
  • Hibernate Once/Resume Many feature restarts devices the same way every time.
  • Application Launcher allows devices to boot directly into a line-of-business application and allows the users to access the desired device experience directly.
  • Easily manage and configure lockdown technologies remotely with Embedded Lockdown Manager.

Streamlined operating system installation experience

Take advantage of the new tools to quickly and easily build a targeted operating system on a device.

Extending Business Intelligence

Access enterprise networks

Easily integrate industry devices with streamlined identity and access management tools.

  • Utilise Microsoft Active Directory to help ensure identity-based access.
  • Create Microsoft Group Policy for access management.

Employ enterprise management tools

Windows Embedded devices can be efficiently managed on enterprise IT infrastructure and from a single management solution.

  • Use System Center Configuration Manager to manage embedded operating systems like any other IT asset.

Harness the power of business-critical data

Enable streaming data connection to intelligent systems throughout the enterprise where the data can be translated into insights and actions to create further business value.

  • Extend business intelligence by accessing business-critical data from on-premises IT systems.
  • Ensure cloud connectivity to infrastructure services such as Windows Azure Storage and SQL Azure Database for a highly available, highly scalable, fault-tolerant data service.

Windows Embedded 8 - Standard

Offers flexibility for purpose-built devices, such as thin clients, kiosks and automated manufacturing solutions.

  • Compelling UI, powerful app support, security and manageability of Windows 8.
  • Modular format allows you to use only the components needed.
  • Ensure consistent configuration with embedded specific lockdown features.
  • Custom branding feature.

Windows Embedded 8 - Pro

The power and flexibility of Windows 8 in a platform designed specifically for building edge devices and intelligent systems solutions.

  • Deliver a user experience that¿s identical to Windows 8.
  • Design custom apps that feature the fast, fluid behaviour of Windows 8.
  • Security features such as Bitlocker and Trusted Boot.
  • Compatible with line-of-business and productivity apps.

Windows Embedded 8 - Industry

A consistent, streamlined application platform that shortens development cycles for specific industry device scenarios in retail, manufacturing and other industries.

  • Compelling UI, powerful app support, security and manageability of Windows 8.
  • Ensure consistent configuration with lockdown features.
  • Fixed platform provides a consistent development experience.
  • Plug and play peripheral capabilities with POS for .NET.

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