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McAfee Web Application Assessment Module [Commercial]

Published By:  McAfee

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McAfee Vulnerability Manager version 7.0’s Web Application Assessment Module (WAAM) offers deep web application scanning to ensure that common coding mistakes and vulnerabilities are addressed as part of a vulnerability management lifecycle. What makes it unique is that it treats web applications as business assets, just like a server, router, or other high-value assets. This is important since web applications have business value and therefore have asset owners and varying levels of criticality. Treating them like traditional assets allows you to group and manage them like physical assets, allowing you to address web applications the same way you would handle other risk-prioritized assets in your environment. By using the Web Application Assessment Module’s deep scanning capability and treating web applications as “first-class” citizens, you’re able to more quickly deploy applications with a high level of confidence that hackers are not able to exploit those applications.

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