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McAfee Asset Manager

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McAfee Asset Manager

Published By:  McAfee

Continuous monitoring that scans your network in real time

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Unlike traditional discovery approaches, McAfee Asset Manager uses both passive and active scanning techniques to canvass everything on your network in real time. This continuous asset monitoring integrates with industry-leading vulnerability scanning and incident management workflows to enable continuous asset compliance. Now you can uncover hidden devices on your network as well as smartphones, tablets, virtual machines and laptops that come and go between scheduled scans. What you haven¿t been seeing or scanning will surprise you - and could be jeopardising compliance. If it has an IP address or is using your network, McAfee Asset Manager can discover and assess it in real time, revealing the compliance of all assets on your network.

Know what you are protecting

Eliminate the guesswork. McAfee Asset Manager provides total visibility into your network, including managed, unmanaged, physical and virtual devices. Essential network, device and user intelligence provides the context needed to eliminate ambiguity and facilitate better decision making based on accurate and in-depth audit information. Network information is continuously collected in real time to reflect the current state of the network, enabling complete control over the security, management and compliance status of your enterprise network.

Implement real-time operation

Detect changes to the network and the devices connected to it as they occur. For example, McAfee Asset Manager can detect a new device as it is being attached to the network, or match a user ID to the IP address it is using as soon as the user authenticates to the network.

Track devices according to their media access control (MAC) addresses

See changes with devices operating on the network. The information collected also includes changes made to the device reflecting the operation of third-party solutions.

Build a comprehensive asset profile

Maintain a comprehensive profile for each device operating on your network. An asset profile may include the following parameters: MAC address, vendor MAC ID, VLAN name and ID, IP address, device type and capability, operating system, patch information, switch and port connections, open network services, user intelligence information (e.g., user ID, user name, department, user group, phone number, and email address), installed software and hardware, running processes, switch- and router-related asset information (e.g., firmware, software, hardware versions, serial numbers, and physical cards) and more.

Enable user identity discovery

Correlate user identities with specific IP addresses. This enhanced user intelligence improves audit controls, boosts regulatory compliance, and significantly advances incident response by identifying vulnerable or exploited hosts, and eliminating manual efforts to track users.

Provide agentless virtualised environments mapping

Discover and track virtualised environments without the use of software-based agents, map between virtual guest devices and the physical system they depend on, and audit the configuration of virtual assets, generating information similar to what is provided for physical devices.

Build a physical network topology

Create and maintain, in real time, the physical topology of your network. McAfee Asset Manager makes it easy to locate devices throughout the enterprise network and use that information to troubleshoot management-related issues.

Get real-time network activity alerts

Receive notification of events happening on your network in real time and then export that activity to the syslog which integrates with third-party applications such as a SIEM.

Save time with rapid deployment

Generate results in just a few hours. With minimal prerequisites, no physical infrastructure changes, and agentless operation, it is easy to implement and configure McAfee Asset Manager.

Get a fast return on investment

Provide instant, complete, and accurate network, device, and user intelligence, allowing IT professionals to complete tasks both quickly and efficiently.

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