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Ontrack Power Controls

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Ontrack Power Controls

Published By:  Kroll Ontrack

Search and recover Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SharePoint items

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Ontrack PowerControls is a simple, yet powerful software tool for searching and recovering Microsoft Exchange server items such as email and Microsoft SharePoint items such as documents, lists, libraries and folders.

Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange: powerful tool for copying, searching, recovering and analysing data directly from (EDB) and Information Store files and is designed to help Microsoft Exchange administrators more efficiently manage their Exchange items and better serve their internal clients.

Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint: allows administrators to quickly and easily find, recover and restore Microsoft Office SharePoint Server items - such as documents, lists, libraries and folders ¿ or entire SharePoint sites. The software tool is designed to make granular restoration of SharePoint items a much faster and easier process.

Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange

Email/exchange recovery

  • Find lost, deleted and archived mailbox items quickly and easily

Email/exchange search

  • Allows you to set precise search criteria and run detailed queries across multiple data sources
  • Select any combination of mailboxes or folders you wish to search, regardless of the data source.

Archive restoration

  • Restores mailbox items from a previous full backup directly into the production Exchange server or directly into a new or existing PST file
  • Eliminates the need to perform time-consuming, expensive single mailbox 'brick-level' backups.

Exchange migration

  • Ontrack PowerControls simplifies Exchange server migration processes while allowing your IT resources to continue to meet their daily email management needs.

Storage management

  • By facilitating flexible ease of access to backups and legacy archives, Ontrack PowerControls reduces email management issues.


  • Ontrack PowerControls helps organisations meet email regulatory requirements, while maintaining their internal I.T. security policies through activity auditing and permissions control features.

Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint

Restores SharePoint items

  • Restores individual documents, items, lists, folders, libraries or entire sites
  • Reads existing content database backups
  • Eliminates the need to perform a full site restore
  • Restores a SharePoint MDF from tape
  • Drag and drop functionality

Eliminates same-site restore constaints

  • Restores to the original or alternate SharePoint locations
  • Restores directly to your production server or directly to a file system
  • Eliminates the need for a recovery server, saving time and money

Reduces time spent searching items

  • Advanced find feature searches across all content databases in an archived SharePoint file
  • No need to fully restore each backup for files located across multiple data sources
  • Search by a variety of criteria including item type, keywords, subject, date, specific users, and file and attachment data

Maintains data integrity

  • Does not change the metadata of the restored SharePoint data - critical when dealing with a legal or compliance issue
  • Maintains data integrity throughout the restoration process by performing read-only operations on the source files

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