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Kerio Operator is a business phone system designed to simplify voice communications. Using VoIP, it offers a range of advanced phone features including conference calls/dynamic voice conferences, CRM integration, call forwarding, call pickup, call parking, paging, call recording, ring groups, voicemail-to-email, fax support, busy lamp field, auto attendant plus more! Plus the Kerio Operator Softphone app for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices lets users take their office phone on-the-go.

Flexible Deployment

  • Software. Hardware. Your choice - Kerio Operator is available as a bootable CD - ISO image or a VMWare Virtual Appliance (VMX and OVF). Kerio Operator is also available as a hardware appliance.

For The User

  • Kerio Operator Softphone - Kerio Operator Softphone is a software-based phone app that lets you make and receive calls on your Apple iOS or Android mobile device right from your office phone system.
  • Call Pickup - call pickup allows users to answer a call that is ringing on someone else's phone. By simply dialing a special code, the user can accept any call that is ringing on a colleague's phone within a specified 'zone' or 'room'. Directed call pickup is similar to call pickup, but it's not limited to pre-defined zones or rooms.
  • Call Parking - call parking comes in handy when you're on a call and you need to go to another room ¿ to retrieve an important file or for more privacy. Kerio Operator allows you to park the call on a parking extension (defined by the administrator) and resume the call on a different phone device by dialing the same extension.
  • BLF Support - BLF stands for 'Busy Lamp Field' and similar to status indications in instant messaging clients like ICQ or Jabber, it informs about the status of other extensions. Thus, the user immediately knows whether a particular extension is available, busy or there is a call ringing.
  • CRM Integration - for increased productivity, Kerio Operator 2.0 can be integrated with CRM systems using AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface).
  • Kerio Operator client - dial phone numbers directly from a web browser. Copy and paste a contact¿s phone number into Kerio Operator client and click dial.
  • Call Forwarding / Find Me - calls that come in to your office extension can easily be rerouted with the MyPhone interface.
  • Personal Ring Group - the Personal Ring Group allows you to assign the same extension to multiple devices such as a desktop SIP phone, a softphone application on your iPhone, laptop, or other mobile device.
  • Voicemail to Email - sent as a compressed .wav file, your office voicemail messages can now be organised in your email inbox.
  • Call Recording - Kerio Operator allows phone calls in a call queue to be recorded and reviewed with the tick of a box. The built-in call recording functionality can now record incoming and outgoing conversations for individual extensions, conferences and even ring groups as well.
  • Reporting - managers can take advantage of real-time reporting on in-progress calls, conferences, and call queues, giving them insights into trends on the number of calls made, percentage of calls answered or sent to voicemail, average time callers spend on hold, etc.
  • Conference Calls - set up designated extensions and access rules for large or frequent conference calls through the web-based administration interface.
  • Dynamic Voice Conferences - Kerio Operator now provides two conference types - statically configured and newly - dynamic. Callers who call the dynamic conference extension are asked to enter a conference ID and PIN.
  • Support for Distinctive Ringing Groups - Kerio Operator enables distinctive ringing so you can now set different ring tones for local (within the same PBX), external or ring group numbers.

For The Administrator

  • SIP phone auto provisioning - plug in a desktop SIP phone to your network and watch Kerio Operator detect it, configure it and automatically assign it a new extension.
  • Built-in DHCP server - Kerio Operator 2.1 introduces a built in DHCP server that automatically assigns IP addresses to VoIP devices.
  • Directory support - with support for Active and Open Directory, Kerio Operator can easily blend itself into your current network configuration, but you don't need a directory service to get up and running. Kerio Operator can also run on its own internal directory.
  • Remote monitoring via SNMP - the administrator can remotely monitor the Kerio Operator server via SNMP to retrieve information about server utilisation and performance, thus having comprehensive live overview of the phone system status.
  • Web-based administration - Kerio Operator is configured completely through an easy-to-use web browser interface. From anywhere in the world, administrators can log in and manage users, extensions, call routing, conferences, call queues, auto attendant scripts, ring groups, voicemail settings, etc.
  • Ring Groups - this feature provides an easy way to send an inbound phone call to all extensions in a particular department, but the list of extensions in a ring group can be easily customised to include anyone.
  • Fax Support - Kerio Operator comes with fax support in 3 different flavours: T-38 support, fax-to-email and PDF-to-fax.
  • Paging - Kerio Operator offers paging support in the form of paging groups. The administrator simply defines a paging group, assigns an extension to the group and adds some phones to the group. To page all members of the group, a user simply calls the group¿s extension. The phone will answer the call automatically and will activate the loudspeaker.
  • Call Queues - provide the caller with your customised call-queue audio message while the system finds the next available agent based on criteria you define.
  • Auto Attendant - answers phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what kind of call volume you¿re receiving.
  • Reporting - real-time reporting and historical data are both accessible through the web-based admin interface, providing you with system health stats like CPU and RAM usage as well as data on in-progress calls, conferences, and call queues.


  • Password Guessing Protection - Kerio Operator will block an IP after a specified number of login attempts, thus protecting your system from misuse.
  • Anomalous Behavior Detection - based on a typical behavior pattern, the administrator can define the number of phone calls per time period to a location, typical call duration etc. to detect non-standard behavior.
  • Call Encryption - to protect privacy, Kerio Operator now supports call encryption using TLS protocol.

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