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NUCLiOS [Commercial - Licence]

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New Features

Infragistics NucliOS delivers high performance, highly visual, totally native iPad and iPhone controls. Built with performance and style in mind, NucliOS offers an advanced Data Grid and a powerful set of versatile charts perfect for mobile applications in the consumer marketplace or the enterprise.


The new IGBarcodeView control delivers 12 different types of 1D barcode: Codabar, Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, Interleaved 2 of 5, Planet, PostNet, Standard 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E.


Now features:

  • Custom highlighting - allows for the customisation of the visual information displayed on the IGChartView. For example, the stroke, fill, opacity, etc.
  • Highlighting layers - allow for highlighting of data points via display interaction.
  • Custom markers - providing the options of allowing interactive markers.
  • Rounded corners - configure the roundness of corners of different series.
  • Asynchronous category data source - additional data source helper that allows charts to load chunks of its information as needed.


Now features:

  • Expandable sections - allow the programmatic expansion and collapse of all the rows in a section and also allows the end user, through interaction, to do the same.
  • Dynamic row height - automatically adjust a row’s height if a cell’s content is longer than the column’s width.


The new IGFlowLayoutView can make a dynamically sized list of items that can be scrolled horizontally or vertically.


Now features:

  • Slice explosion now includes an additional method of displaying exploded slices by extending their radius.
  • Pie slices on the IGPieChartView can rotate to a specified angle.


The new IGSlideTabView makes it easy for you to create a tab item on any side of the contained view that slides out content when tapped or swiped.

Capabilities include:

  • Chart category series - from line and bar to spline area and waterfall series, the iOS Data Chart supports all your 'bread & butter' charting needs for every day scenarios.
  • Chart data binding - leverage the Infragistics Data Source Helper to wire-up your charts to various data sources and benefit from simplified data binding.
  • Chart display - customise your charts through several configuration options affecting the axes and legends, including multiple axes, legends/multiple legends, custom axis scale.
  • Chart financial series & indicators - financial charting scenarios offer support for both Candlestick and OHLC bar charts, as well as many built-in financial indicators.
  • Chart markers - choose from 10 different types of markers to easily show your data points on the various chart types, including squares, triangles, circles, hexagons and more.
  • Chart multiple series - the iOS Data Chart control is designed for modularity of chart series. Multiple chart series are supported to create composite charts for better data comparisons on the same surface.
  • Chart navigation - use natural multi-touch gestures for panning & zooming to drill-down to specific data points, or zoom out to see the big picture of your data.
  • Chart scatter series - also known as Scatter Plots or scatter graph, this type of mathematical diagram offers the benefits of Cartesian coordinates to display values for two variable for a set of data.
  • Chart - scientific charts - from wind patterns to performance metrics, Polar and Radial series can expose new insights in many scientific data sets.
  • Chart theming - use Chart Themes to give a Chart a consistent and color coordinated look and feel. Simply set the IGChartView theme property to one of the predefined themes.
  • Chart trend lines - each Chart series offers support for multiple types of trend lines. The trend lines are also compatible with the Motion Framework to provide smooth transitions when the data set changes.
  • Grid data binding & source helper - to get data into the grid, use the integrated helper that will make it easier to bind arrays to the grid.
  • Grid context menu - press and hold on a cell to display a custom context menu.
  • Grid data filtering - enable filtering on any grid column by using the filteringKey property of IGGridViewDataSourceHelper.
  • Grid data layout - the Grid supports flexible layout options to present your data exactly the way you want it.
  • Grid data manipulation - the Grid allows users to interact with its data in various ways.
  • Grid formatting & styling - from photo albums and slideshows to movie collections and sales reports, the NucliOS grid can be styled to look like almost anything.
  • Grid interactions - the Grid is highly interactive and is designed with a touch-first approach.
  • Grid navigation - the Grid supports multiple interactions to navigate through the data.

Dazzle with data charts

Render iOS charts with hundreds of thousands of data points that are capable of millisecond updates sparing nothing to achieve lightning speed. Enable heavy-duty iPad data visualisation and analysis on large volumes of data with more than 20 different chart types. Support for the Motion Framework within the Data Chart control allows you to build highly engaging visualisations and provides smooth playback of changes in data over time, giving life to data through fluid animations.

Go beyond the tabular with the data grid

The NucliOS Grid is much more than your typical tabular grid - it's a powerful control that you can use to focus on your standard data-focused consumer and business applications, or you can use as a versatile layout tool that allows you to create compelling experiences on iPhones and iPads. Whether you configure it as a single column list or in a multi-column layout, you can style it to look like practically anything you want. And be assured that the Grid will handle massive volumes of data ¿ as much as Apple will allow.

Innovate functionality meets iOS familiarity

Take advantage of a powerful API that is familiar to all iOS developers. You can use NucliOS controls in native iOS projects built with Objective C and Xcode. Infragistics also provide bindings to use the controls within MonoTouch, a product from Infragistics partner Xamarin.

Resources beyond what you'll find in the box

Get a rapid response and immediate support when you need it, 24 hours a day/5 days a week ¿ via phone, email, or by chat. When you need to brainstorm, join the community of over 850,000 developers from the most popular software companies to the most data-demanding enterprises. You can also tap into the sample code, videos and documentation to keep your project on - or ahead of - target.

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