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Infragistics Professional 2017 Vol. 1

Infragistics Professional 2017 Vol. 1 boxshot.

Infragistics Professional 2017 Vol. 1

Published By:  Infragistics

Build stunning apps with a range of UI controls for Windows Forms, WPF, Windows 8, HTML 5, ASP.NET and Silverlight.

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New Features

Infragistics Professional provides a powerful toolset for building apps across Windows, Web and Mobile platforms. Developers can take advantage of unique, stylable controls for ASP.NET websites, create line of business applications with advanced feature sets using WinForms, create advanced user interfaces on the WPF platform, create sophisticated Rich Internet Applications using the Silverlight controls and much more. With built in custom designers, icon packs, templates and step-by-step videos, building great looking apps is simple and the controls are tested in millions of real world applications, including mission critical Fortune 500 apps, to make sure your apps are fast.

New in Infragistics Professional 2014 Vol 2 Release

New in Infragistics Windows Forms

New Controls

  • Carousel
  • Data Chart
  • Flat Data Source

Control Enhancements

  • Pivot Grid - featuring a new color scheme, compact view and user-resizable headers in row area
  • Parity with XAML DV Controls - featuring all the visualisations from other Infragistics controls, including: area series, bar series, column series, point series, spline series, spline area series, step area series, step line series, range area series, range spline area series, range column series, range bar series and waterfall series.
  • UltraToolbarsManager - featuring WPF support
  • Coded UI - tests support for VS2012

Localisation Support

  • Right-to-Left support across all relevant UI controls.

New in Infragistics WPF

New Controls

  • xamSpreadSheet - now moved from CTP to RTM release
  • xamDiagram - now moved from CTP to RTM release
  • xamProperty Grid.

Control Enhancements

  • xamPivot Grid - introduces print support
  • xamDataGrid - new features include IsReadOnly property for fields, new TemplateField, support for creating editor specific field objects and customisable TabStop behavior for grid cells
  • Coded UI - achieve level 1 support for all WPF controls.


  • New ThemeManager/AppStylist - change the theme of a single control, or an entire application with a single line of code
  • xamColorPicker update featuring Onmouseover & Onclick options

Extra Goodies

  • Imaging Library for WinRT IGExcel Framework.

New in Infragistics Ignite UI

New Controls

  • igTreeGrid - gives you an efficient way of visualizing flat data in a hierarchical view
  • IgniteUI Excel Library (CTP) - fully Javascript based
  • WYSIWYG Editor for HTML5 - drag and drop page designer for HTML5.

Control Enhancements

  • igGrid - now supports append rows on demand, column fixing & visualisation, right-click support and selection mode refactoring.
  • API Docs Deep Linking.


  • WebAppStylist
  • iOS Theme for Mobile
  • Bootstrap Theming to jQuery UI - easily use your favorite Bootstrap theme with Ignite UI components.

Extra Goodies

  • AngularJS Directives with Two-Way Data Binding.

Build for Windows

With Professional, you have a powerful set of tools that simplifies the process of creating beautiful applications for Windows. When you are building for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can choose Windows Forms or WPF controls. The tools make it simple to build Office inspired applications with themes & styles to match any version of Windows, or you can even build modern, touch-enabled applications that look, feel & behave like a Windows Store app running on Windows 8 but actually run on older versions of Windows. And when you do want to build for Windows 8 either for desktops or the Microsoft Surface, there are controls that simplify building there too.

Create Web Apps

With the award-winning ASP.NET controls, you can build functional and stylish web applications with ease. Whether you are building Web Forms apps or MVC apps, Infragistics have what you need to deliver a modern web experience. For even more interactivity, add the Silverlight line of business and rich data visualisation functionality.

Make iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone Apps. Native or Hybrid

Need to build a mobile application that runs across all the major mobile phones and tablets? No problem. The Ignite UI tools help you build HTML5 / jQuery apps that appear native. And if you need to build an application that requires down to the metal performance, Infragistics is the only tool provider that also that also has native controls for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Your developer coach. Included.

To help you quickly get up and running, Infragistics have included step-by-step videos for the beginner to the advanced developer, as well as complete end-to-end reference examples & samples to make sure you'll get going fast.

Multi-Platform? No problem.

The Infragistics approach to the user interface controls is to create consistency across all supported platforms. So if you're familiar with the Windows Forms controls, it'll be easy to use the ASP.NET web controls.

Easy for you. Easy for your customers.

With built-in integration with Microsoft Office, it's simple to build applications that work with Microsoft Word and Excel to ensure that your apps are easy for your customers to use.

Fortune 500 Tested.

With mission critical applications at some of the biggest companies in the world including Boeing, ESPN, Exxon, Morgan Stanley, INTEL, Intuit and Bank of America, you are in good company.

Performance Tuned Controls, Industry Benchmarked

Across all platforms, Infragistics is #1 when it comes to performance. From the time it takes to render the first row of data on the screen in a grid, to the performance of scrolling, paging & sorting, the grids are optimised to handle the most demanding real-time and high-volume scenarios. Equally as powerful is the charting engine, which can plot millions of data points on a screen in mere milliseconds.

Standard Support includes all controls, subscription services updates, upgrades and new product releases for one year and C# source code for all controls.

Priority Support includes all controls, subscription services updates, upgrades and new product releases for one year and C# source code for all controls; plus one year of priority phone, 24-hour chat and rapid response online support.

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