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CD/DVD Diagnostic

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CD/DVD Diagnostic

Published By:  InfinaDyne

Recover data and examine CDs

Product Variants

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CD/DVD Diagnostic finds the files, bypasses problems, gets your data and video back.

There two versions of CD/DVD Diagnostic: with and without video recovery. If you have a DVD camcorder or stand-alone video recorder you need the Video Recovery feature. If you are just recovering data from CDs or DVDs you can purchase the new, lower-cost version without the Video Recovery feature.

  • Only CD/DVD recovery product available for Video! Supports all forms of DVD media - Version 3.0 has a new video reconstruction system which virtually assures complete recovery of all damaged or inaccessible video discs.
  • Sector examination at a low level
  • Allows for interruption of a disc examination and then resumption at a later time. This is useful as some disc examinations can be lengthy, often taking more than 12 hours.
  • Disc Memory and Checkpoint - this feature eliminates lengthy re-discovery of the disc¿s contents.
  • Reads ISO image files directly and supports most operations against such files.
  • Supports discs written by: Roxio Easy CD Creator, Ahead Nero, DirectCD, InCD, DLA, RecordNow, DiscMaker, Sony Mavica Cameras. DVD movies recorded on stand-alone recorders as well as Sony and Hitachi DVD camcorders.
  • Supports all PC and Macintosh CD and DVD discs: ISO-9660, Joliet PC discs, Rock Ridge for Linux and other Unix systems, UDF 1.01, UDF 1.5, UDF 2.0 and UDF 2.01, HFS and HFS+ for Macintosh., CD Audio discs (Red book), Enhanced CD discs (CD Extra), DVD-Video, DVD-ROM.

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