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SQL admin toolset [Renewal]

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SQL Admin Toolset [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year) (1st Year Agreement) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows]   £CALL   Email   Call Me
SQL Admin Toolset [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year) (Additional Years Agreement) (Per Year) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows]   £CALL   Email   Call Me

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SQL admin toolset is packed with 25 powerful tools that will make troubleshooting, administration and reporting of SQL Server such a breeze you¿ll be wondering what to do with all the spare time you have on your hands - really!

Diagnostic tools

  • Check whether your databases are backed up
  • Search for text anywhere you have SQL code (stored procs, functions, triggers etc..)
  • Find objects by name anywhere they are hiding in your SQL Servers
  • Find the SQL Servers lurking on your network
  • Check the strength of your SQL Server passwords
  • Diagnose connection problems, quickly determine why users can¿t reach your SQL Servers Sites.

Analytics tools

  • Get a list of everything important about your SQL Servers, including version, hardware and more
  • Report and analyse your SQL Server version levels
  • Analyse your indexes for usage patterns and sizes. Determine if you need more, less etc¿
  • Analyse the space usage of your SQL Server by drive or database
  • View loads of statistics about your SQL Server
  • Keep a constant eye on the status of your SQL Servers.

Administration tools

  • Execute and manage queries across multiple SQL Servers
  • Move or copy a database and associated logins across servers or relocate data files
  • Copy server logins across SQL Servers
  • Create a new user using an existing user as a template
  • Move and copy between servers
  • View and edit jobs across multiple SQL Servers
  • Quickly review and rebuild the indexes on your SQL Servers
  • Compare and edit server configuration for one or more SQL Servers
  • Compare and edit database configuration for one or more databases
  • View existing partition information and generate new partitions
  • Wade the multitude of options for connection strings and create your own in seconds
  • SQL Server Linked Copy Tool-Quickly and easily copies linked servers from one server to another
  • View and manage the pinned status of your tables (SQL Server 2000 and earlier only).

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