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IDM UltraSentry [Commercial]

Published By:  IDM Computer Solutions

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When you delete a file or send it to the recycle bin, you are only removing the reference (address) from your system's file table.

So while the address may be gone, the information is actually still there. Recovering, viewing and reading deleted data is quite easy to do. Does this pose a privacy or security issue with you?

UltraSentry works by overwriting the file/data with a series of repeated digital codes until the data is completely unrecoverable. In other words, when you use UltraSentry to delete a file, you can be sure it's gone... and stays gone forever!

Use UltraSentry's default security level of [DoD Level C] to permanently eradicate data from your system or create your own security level to exceed it.

Either right click and delete with UltraSentry from within Windows Explorer or use the profile builder to create your own file cleaning routine and schedule it to run daily, weekly, monthly or on event such as logoff or restart. It's that simple!

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