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HP LoadRunner

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HP LoadRunner

Published By:  HP

Prevent costly performance problems in production

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HP LoadRunner can help you prevent costly performance problems in production by detecting bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade is deployed. This software enables you to measure end-to-end performance, diagnose application and system bottlenecks and tune for better performance¿all from a single point of control. This helps reduce the costs and time required to test and deploy new applications and systems into your production environment.

  • Decreases the risk of deploying systems that do not meet performance requirements
  • Reduces hardware and software costs by accurately predicting system capacity
  • Lets you begin intelligent service-level management before services go live
  • Shortens test cycles to accelerate delivery of high quality applications
  • Pinpoints end-user, system-level and code-level bottlenecks rapidly and with ease
  • Reduces the cost of defects by early testing in the development cycle

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