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ComponentOne XAP Optimizer

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ComponentOne XAP Optimizer

Published By:  GrapeCity Inc.

Reduce the size of your Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.1 applications by up to 70%.

Product Variants

Other product variants may be available, please contact us or request a call back if you cannot see what you are looking for.

New Features

ComponentOne XapOptimizer is a stand-alone utility that processes XAP files and generates a optimised Silverlight application or Windows Phone 7.1 application that is 30-70% smaller than the original XAP file size, plus secures your code with obfuscation.

New in XapOptimizer 2012

Introduces Windows Phone 7.1 support.

New in XapOptimizer 2011 v1

Released March 2011, XapOptimizer 2011 v1 features:

  • Support for merged dictionaries
  • Support for URI namespaces (i.e.
  • Support for pinning entire asssemblies, namespaces and resources to prevent them from being removed
  • XapOptimizerCmd which blocks the caller process for proper batch runs
  • Numerous enhancements in performance and fixes for Silverlight 4 applications

Customise the Optimisation Output

See what's going to be removed from the assembly before it is actually removed. You can also manually 'Pin' some elements to keep them after the optimisation process.

Create Backups

XapOptimizer has the ability to automatically create a backup version of the file to be optimised.


Choose to enable or disable obfuscation and choose the specific elements to obfuscate.

Sign Assemblies

Choose whether to sign elements in the assembly and which specific elements to sign.

Save Projects

XapOptimizer allows you to save projects allowing you to repopen the project at a later date or easily try different options.

Automatically Optimise Your XAP Files

Integrate XapOptimizer as part of the build process in Microsoft Visual Studio to automatically optimise your XAP files.

Use with Any Third Party Controls

Use XapOptimizer with any Silverlight assembly including third party controls; is not restricted to ComponentOne controls.

XapOptimizer is licensed the same way that the other ComponentOne development tools are licensed, which is per developer. Every Silverlight/Win Phone developer that would use this utility would need to purchase a licence.

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