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Published By:  GW Micro

Stable and powerful screen reader

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Window-Eyes is a stable and powerful screen reader featuring Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home, Professional, and Media Center), Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista (all 32-bit versions, including Vista Ultimate, Vista Home Premium, Vista Home Basic, Vista Business, and Vista Enterprise) compatibility. Window-Eyes gives total control over what you hear and how you hear it. Plus, with its enhanced Braille support that control is extended to what you feel as well. On top of all that, the power and stability of Window-Eyes means that most applications work right out of the box with no need for endless tinkering in order to get them to function properly. Window-Eyes is your key to opening the doors of a world with unlimited information. A world where work takes precedence over technical hassles. Window-Eyes is a leading software application for the blind and visually impaired, which converts components of the Windows operating system into synthesized speech allowing for complete and total access to Windows based computer systems. Window-Eyes integration into Windows is seamless, providing you with instant access to the operating system without having to learn a complicated set of keystrokes.

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