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GFI FaxMaker Online

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GFI FaxMaker Online

Published By:  GFI

Cost-effective, fast faxing - without a fax machine

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GFI FaxMaker Online is a cloud-based fax service for sending and receiving faxes simply, securely and cost-effectively. There's no special software, hardware or phone lines required and sending a fax is as simple as sending an email or printing a document. You can send or receive faxes from any email system or application - including mobile devices. Plus faxes get saved in a digital format for better archiving and compliance processes.

Send a fax from any email system

GFI FaxMaker Online uses email-to-fax and fax-to-email, regardless of which email server you use. It could be Exchange Server 2000/2003/2007/2010, Lotus Notes or any SMTP/POP3 server. If you can connect to your corporate email, you can send a fax.

Send a fax from any application

To send a fax, users print from their word processor to the GFI FaxMaker Online printer, or create a new message in their email client (for example, Outlook, Outlook Web Access or Gmail). Users then select the fax recipient(s) from the Outlook Contacts list (address book) or enter the fax number directly. After clicking on the Send button, the fax is sent and the user receives a transmission report in his or her email inbox.

Receive a fax by email in fax or PDF format

One can check faxes from anywhere in the world, either using a regular desktop email system, like Outlook for Gmail, or a web-based email system like Outlook Web Access. Once the fax is received in PDF format it can be easily forward and allows for integration within document archiving systems and other workflow procedures your business uses.

Low up-front investment

As there is no software, hardware or complex phone system integration required, GFI FaxMaker Online significantly reduces your investment. With no hardware to maintain, software to install and update, and no paper and toner required, you can reduce power consumption.

Automated fax delivery/inbound fax routing

GFI FaxMaker Online can automatically route incoming faxes to the user¿s mailbox based on the line on which the fax was received.

Archive faxes to GFI MailArchiver, or other email archiving solution

As GFI FaxMaker Online allows you to receive faxes as email, all faxes can be archived to GFI MailArchiver, or to other email archiving solutions, for faster search and retrieval.

Send or receive a fax from your handheld or mobile

GFI FaxMaker Online is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, net-books, notebooks and more. If the device has an Internet connection, email capability and a PDF viewer, you¿re on your way.

Attach Microsoft Office documents, PDF, HTML and other files

It¿s easy to attach Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML and other files to a fax. The Send to Mail Recipient command, available in Microsoft Office and other applications, can be used to quickly send any document as a fax.

Mail merge for faxes

Using the mail merge facility of Microsoft Word or of the Office Suite of products, you can send personalised fax broadcasts. Microsoft Office supports Open Database Connectivity and the recipient list can be retrieved from any data source, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and many more.

Supports Outlook contacts

There is no need to keep a separate fax address book or duplicate address entries; simply select the recipient¿s Business Fax entry from the Outlook contacts list or Global Address Book.

Easy administration

The administration portal allows management of the online fax services from a web browser.

  • A Windows 2003/2008/2012 server machine with at least 1GB of RAM and 2GHz processor
  • Support FoIP software or device AND/OR account with a supported online fax service AND/OR professional fax device; for a complete list go to:
  • If you are installing GFI FaxMaker on a separate machine to your email server, the IIS SMTP service will need to be installed.

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