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Training Courses / Learning Projects

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Training Courses / Learning Projects

Published By:  Flexera Software Ltd.

Flexera Software training enables you to get the most from AdminStudio, InstallShield or InstallAnywhere

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Flexera Software training courses provide comprehensive training on InstallShield, AdminStudio and InstallAnywhere. Training helps to ensure you are following industry best practices, maximises your company¿s return on investment on Flexera Software products and increases customer satisfaction by ensuring your products are reliably installed or repackaged.

InstallShield Courses

  • MSI Projects -The InstallShield MSI Projects course provides you with a solid understanding of installation terminology, the tasks an installation program needs to perform, and the InstallShield development environment.
  • Advanced Windows Installer (MSI) - The Advanced Windows Installer course provides you with a solid understanding of advanced techniques for customising the appearance and behaviour of your installation program. The techniques used in this course involve Basic MSI projects in InstallShield, which use the Windows Installer service (MSI) for the installation's behavior and appearance.
  • InstallScript - The InstallShield, InstallScript course provides you with a solid understanding of installation terminology, the typical tasks an installation program needs to perform, the InstallScript language, and the InstallShield development environment.

AdminStudio Courses

  • Repackaging with AdminStudio - The AdminStudio course will teach you to use AdminStudio to repackage traditional setups into Windows Installer packages and customise those packages to meet specific needs.
  • Repackager Certification - Take Flexera Software's Advanced Repackaging and Application Migration course and earn your official Repackager Certification. Having your Repackager Certification assures your employers that they're employing a qualified software packaging and OS migration expert.

InstallAnywhere Courses

  • InstallAnywhere - This course will initially present and discuss the basics of the installation environment, and how to create, design, and implement your product installer, followed by building and testing your release images. The class continues by addressing advanced topics such as debugging, console and silent installations, merge modules, and working with custom code.

For a detailed schedule of Flexera Software training courses, pricing, or to book your place, please contact us directly.

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