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Add branding, signatures and disclaimers and more to your email

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Exclaimer Mail Utilities is an extremely effective rules based Emailware tool that enables you to manage how your email system deals with email sent and received by your organization. It combines many features that are beneficial to the management of email communication including email disclaimers, email branding, email signatures, auto-responding, forwarding, email blocking, anti-spam and anti-virus.

But Exclaimer Mail Utilities is not just another email utility solution. It's far more than that. It makes very complex tasks appear incredibly simple. It automates what would have been manual tasks freeing up time to focus on more important jobs. It simply puts you back in control of your email system.

Exclaimer Mail Utilities works with Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2003 & 2000.

Email Disclaimers

Create your own email disclaimers

Exclaimer Mail Utilities allows you to create email disclaimers from a selection of pre-designed templates or you can simply create your own.

Add disclaimers to internal and external emails

Exclaimer Mail Utilities can add disclaimers to external as well as internal mails. You can add disclaimers to internal mail even if the recipient is on the same Exchange server. Since Exclaimer Mail Utilities can distinguish between internally and externally sent mails, it can add a different disclaimer depending on whether the emails are sent internally or externally.

Simple WYSIWYG disclaimer editor

Exclaimer Mail Utilities includes a simple-to-use editor to design and edit your disclaimers and signatures.

Supports extensive merge fields

Exclaimer Mail Utilities includes the facility to incorporate variable fields, including any field from the Active Directory. In this way, the disclaimer can be customised and personalised automatically as the message passes through Exchange. A disclaimer may, for example, contain the fields [Display Name], [Department] and [Telephone]. When the disclaimer is added to the mail, it will look up the sender in the Active Directory and replace the field names with the actual data found in those fields.

Add or exclude disclaimers based on message or subject content

Optionally, if Exclaimer Mail Utilities finds a user-defined string of text in the body of an email, a disclaimer can be suppressed. This is useful for preventing the same disclaimer being added multiple times when an email is replied to several times. Exclaimer Mail Utilities can be made to suppress or add specific disclaimers or signatures based on text found anywhere in the subject of an email. This is useful for allowing certain users to have their own control over the disclaimer that is added, without having to use the Outlook disclaimer / signature feature.

Professional email disclaimers with tables and pictures

Exclaimer Mail Utilities enables you to format emails with pictures, tables, logos, colors and text styles to re-enforce your corporate identity automatically.

Add disclaimers to email from Outlook Web Access, MAPI clients & Blackberry devices

Exclaimer Mail Utilities will add disclaimers and signatures to email created in Outlook Web Access, MAPI clients, Blackberry and other mobile devices such as Pocket PCs.

Email Signatures

Create email signatures with dynamic content

Exclaimer Mail Utilities can add signatures to email sent internally and externally. If you use OWA and smart devices for email, signing can be a headache. We can ensure that ALL email goes out signed with an appropriate signature, no matter what the source.

Signatures allow you to personalise the email your employees send, providing details like direct dial telephone numbers, name and position held within your organisation and even a photograph of the sender.

All this information is inserted dynamically, taking data stored in the Active Directory. You can set Exclaimer Mail Utilities up so that it uses different signatures depending on the sender, recipient, subject, etc. You can make the rules that govern this as simple or as complex as you need.

Email Branding

Branding is key to professional looking email.

Exclaimer Mail Utilities can add branding to email that is sent both internally and externally. This can help you maintain a consistent email brand image that falls in line with your organization's corporate/brand strategy allowing you to maximize your brand impression.

Formatting Email Messages

Enriching email content

Exclaimer Mail Utilities can apply formatting to your disclaimers and signatures, such as font type, size, color, bold and underlined. In addition, you can include pictures and tables. For HTML disclaimers, you can edit the HTML source, giving you the freedom to format your disclaimers as you wish. It will add formatting for rich text and HTML mails. Exclaimer Mail Utilities also includes the option to add a disclaimer as a plain text attachment.


Exclaimer Mail Utilities' Anti-Spam feature uses a handful of very effective techniques to ensure that the maximum quantity of spam is trapped whilst at the same time minimizing False Positives. In tests, Exclaimer have blocked 99% of incoming junk mail whilst at the same time enjoying a 0.001% false positive rate.

Stop it soon

Exclaimer Mail Utilities' front line of defense is a collection of tests that stop huge swaths of Spam, Viruses, Trojans and the like by simply refusing to communicate with them. Despite their attempts to have an unhindered conversation with your mail server, they can't help identifying their nature and this gets them blocked.

Spam sources and compromised systems

The next line of defense comes from checking that the incoming mail is not coming from a known Spam source or from a machine that has been compromised by being infected with a Trojan or other spamming tool.

Detection centre

Exclaimer Mail Utilities has a dedicated detection centre that is the last line in defense. After all other tests have been performed directly on your mail system, the email's unique fingerprint is passed to our detection centre to see if similar messages have been delivered elsewhere, if they have, then they may be spam and the message is subjected to closer scrutiny. It might even be delayed a while to see if other similar emails are being delivered in other places around the world. If they are, then it's classified as spam.

No content analysis

Exclaimer Mail Utilities does not check the content of the message. This allows it to be language independent. Content analysis along with Bayesian filters, content heuristics all have transient success and whilst they seem to be working well to start with, after a while, the spamming community adapts and gets around the filters (often getting more mail through than before the filter was installed).

Black & White lists

It is unlikely you will need to use the blacklist, but the whitelist will allow you to ensure that business critical messages have no chance of being blocked. The simple-to-use searching system removes the need for you or your users to delve deep into internet headers just to whitelist a message or two.


Exclaimer Mail Utilities uses SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to protect your whitelist entries. If you choose to whitelist someone and you want to ensure that a spammer can't hijack that domain to start sending you spam and the envelope sender publishes an SPF policy, Exclaimer Mail Utilities can enforce that to ensure that only that sender can get through the whitelist entry.

Exclaimer Mail Utilities also uses SPF to block messages that are verifiable forgeries.

Virus Protection

Zero-Hour Virus Protection

Zero-Hour Virus Protection is by far the most effective first line of defense against virus infection. Nowadays most viruses are transmitted via email as spam and require some form of user interaction to get them started. These types of virus can be distributed and can cause damage in a very short period of time. Quicker, in fact, than most Anti-Virus providers can produce a vaccination. This loop-hole is closed by the Zero-Hour Virus Protection.

Zero-Hour Virus Protection works by monitoring email traffic at key locations across the Internet and identifying outbreaks or suspected outbreaks of virus infected email. When it detects a suspected outbreak it either blocks, delays or quarantines the suspicious email. The Zero-Hour Virus Protection system adds an additional layer of security that will compliment your existing Anti-Virus software.

Email Auto-Responding

  • Loop detection and prevention
  • Enclose Original Email
  • Add recipients
  • Complete control
  • Add attachments.

Responding to, forwarding and filing emails can take up precious time and lose your staff valuable opportunities. Exclaimer Mail Utilities ensures that your email management is as fast and responsive as possible.

You can use it to set up automatic replies to emails. These can range from simple out-of-office notifications to automated replies to email queries, complete with file attachments and full HTML formatting.

Email blocking and email re-direction

  • Ability to block certain users
  • Ability to notify 3rd parties
  • Redirect to different domains
  • Powerful rule-based system
  • Comprehensive Delivery Options module.

Un-policed and totally free email communication can be a threat to your business integrity, security or image. Exclaimer Mail Utilities allows mail blocking and redirection to give you complete control.

For instance, for compliance or other reasons, you may have individuals or groups of users who should not communicate with each other via email. Exclaimer Mail Utilities' Delivery Options module allows email to be either blocked or redirected before it reaches the intended recipient.

In combination with the Auto Responding module, the sender and/or the recipient can optionally be notified of the block. In addition, a third party such as a compliance officer can be notified of the attempted communication, with the original email visible or attached as required.

Alternatively, the Delivery Options module can be used to redirect emails destined for one email address or domain to another single email address or different domain.

Exclaimer Mail Utilities powerful rule-based system is again at the heart of this facility, wielding enormous power and complete control on your behalf.


Asynchronous message processing
Dynamic multithreaded message processor for optimum performance and extremely high scalability.

Fully integrated with Active Directory
Use Active Directory attributes within your disclaimers, trigger rules based on Active Directory OU or group membership or even with a custom LDAP query.

Very comprehensive set of custom rule triggers
Endless combinations of sender, recipient and/or content triggers.

Supports digitally signed and encrypted emails
Disclaimers can be omitted entirely, added as a plain text attachment, or used as the body of the email with the original email as an attachment.

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