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Idera DB Change Manager 2016+

Idera DB Change Manager 2016+ boxshot.

Idera DB Change Manager 2016+

Published By:  Embarcadero

The essential schema and data synchronisation tool

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Idera DB Change Manager is an essential database change management tool for DBAs and data professionals. It uniquely offers automated compare and synchronisation capabilities to simplify change operations. Rapidly identify changes, streamline upgrades to new releases and pinpoint environmental differences resulting from changes at the data, schema and database configuration levels.

Multi-platform Support

Supports all major DBMSs from a single interface. Ability to use the tools on all supported platforms from a single license.

Embarcadero AppWave

Enables centralised license management and tool deployment.

Job Notification

Delivery of job status notifications via email.

Unicode Support

Full Unicode character support throughout the application

Schema Archive and Compare

Capture and compare schema differences between one or more archived or live databases.

Synchronisation and Roll-back

Generate alter scripts to sync selected objects or restore to a prior state. Handles object dependencies, and preserves data.

Schema Auto-Synchronisation

Automatically synchronise the target to match the source once there is a successful comparison. Promote schema changes from development, to test and finally to production.

Data Compare and Synchronisation

Compare and synchronise data either inside of one database or between two different databases.

Configuration Standards

Use custom or live configurations to create standards. Audit database configurations to check for security liabilities and performance standards.

Data Masking

Ensure accurate testing while complying with international privacy laws.

Archive Configuration and Schema Settings

Schema and configuration archives provide historical record for compliance auditing and reporting.

Schema Comparison Detail Report

Outlines what objects have actually changed, either between schema archives, live data sources or both. DDL differences are color-coded for easy comparison.

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