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Dolphin Guide

Published By:  Dolphin Computer Access Ltd

Dolphin Guide - Computing made easy

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v6.x 2nd Additional High Quality Voice   £CALL   5 working days   Call Me
v6.x Additional High Quality Voice   £CALL   5 working days   Call Me
v6.x Extra User, Home Licence, (Max of 2)   £CALL   5 working days   Call Me
v6.x Pen 1 Year Maintenance Agreement   £CALL   Email   Call Me
v6.x Pen Cover (Insurance for Dongle)   £CALL   Email   Call Me
v6.x Upgrade from Previous Versions   £CALL   5 working days   Call Me

Other product variants may be available, please contact us or request a call back if you cannot see what you are looking for.


Dolphin Guide delivers easy to learn, simple-to-use, single button computing for blind or partially sighted users. Designed to ensure that you achieve the desired results quickly with the minimum of know-how, Dolphin Guide is your partner for simple, easy computing. As Dolphin Guide reads everything out aloud, you can never get lost or confused, allowing you to build up confidence in your computing, while giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

Dolphin Guide is ideal for anybody who is blind or partially-sighted, has little or no computer experience and is looking for an easy-to-learn solution, has little or no technical ability, or lacks the motivation or the capability to acquire and retain technical knowledge.

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