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Coding assistance and refactoring for Microsoft Visual Studio

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Coderush helps you write better code, faster. It helps you create and maintain source code with extreme efficiency - consume-first declaration, powerful templates, smart selection tools, intelligent code analysis, innovative navigation and an unrivalled collection of refactorings all work together to increase your productivity dramatically.

Duplicate detection and consolidation

Duplicate code, sometimes referred to as clones, is a cluster of code blocks that are functionally equivalent (or nearly equivalent) spanning across two or more locations within a solution. CodeRush helps you find duplicate code quickly and consolidates many forms of code duplication automatically.

Consume-first development

Write the consumption code first, then declare the missing pieces instantly with CodeRush. CodeRush has the most elegant and most efficient consume-first developer experience available, perfect for test-driven development.

Advanced selection tools

Select and radically manipulate code with efficiency. Grow or shrink selections by logical blocks ¿ perfect for refactoring a selected block of code. Instantly select a portion of a camel-case identifier. Surround a block of code with a try/finally or a try/catch with a single keystroke.

Automatic code generation

Create common code blocks instantly with CodeRush Templates, which provide an efficient and easy to use shorthand to writing code. Whatever you need, there's likely a template for it, and if you need something that doesn't ship with CodeRush, you can easily add your own powerful templates. Templates can boost coding productivity by up to 300%. And for teams, templates can help keep code consistent among all developers.

Clipboard tools

With CodeRush, the clipboard becomes a powerful tool. Smart cut and smart copy let you place identifiers or entire blocks of code onto the clipboard without selecting code first. Intelligent paste conditions the text on the clipboard before a paste. And the clipboard history makes previous clipboard operations instantly accessible.

Code formatting and cleanup

Always keep your code formatted in a way you like with the Code Formatting tool, which applies the specified formatting rules to spaces, blank lines, alignment, line breaks and indentation in a variety of code constructs. The Cleanup tool enables you to optimise the dirty code contained in a file, project, or solution in a single click.

Background code analysis

Errors, warnings and hints are flagged in real time while you work. CodeRush can also detect code smells, such as overly complex methods and undisposed local variables that implement IDisposable.

Navigation tools

Move among references instantly and effortlessly. Drill deep into code and get out fast. Find any symbol with only a few keystrokes. CodeRush navigation is the shortest path from where you are to where you want to be.

Unit Test Runner

The CodeRush Unit Test Runner lets you manage, navigate and run your unit tests from a central location. CodeRush also lets you run tests and shows test run results right in the code next to the test methods. Full native support for all popular unit testing frameworks is included out of the box, and syntax-highlighted call stacks in the test results makes it easier to see what led to a failure.

Visualisation Tools

Quickly see the essence of the code you are working on.


CodeRush is among the most memory-efficient of IDE tools out there, adding only a small fraction to what Visual Studio consumes, even for extremely large projects (e.g., thousands of classes and millions of lines of code). CodeRush is also the fastest IDE tool for Visual Studio, renaming up to 12x faster than the nearest competitor.

CodeRush extensibility

CodeRush was designed for extensibility. In fact all the CodeRush features described above ship in the form of CodeRush plug-ins. DevExpress use the framework, so you know it's powerful, and everything we have access to is available to you. With CodeRush, you can build extensions that help newcomers adhere to team standards, implement that great Visual Studio feature idea you have or simply exploit all the killer plug-ins submitted by the CodeRush community.

Refactor! Pro

Refactor! Pro by Developer Express fuses a language-independent state-of-the-art code shaping engine with a revolutionary and highly-optimised user experience. Unlike other refactoring solutions that target the system architect, Refactor! Pro is designed to help all developers craft and sculpt their code with the speed and efficiency needed to meet their line of business demands.

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