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Recovery Manager for Active Directory Expert Assist Web Based Prepaid Consulting for New Install

Published By:  Quest Software International

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Recovery Manager For Active Directory Expert Assist Web Based Prepaid Consulting For New Install [Commercial - Service (4 Hours) Per Customer *Non-Returnable*]   £401.76   5 working days   Add to Basket

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Recovery Manager for Active Directory

Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory offers an easy-to-use solution for fast, online recovery. Comparison reports highlight what objects and attributes have been changed and deleted in Active Directory enabling efficient, focused recovery at the object or attribute level. Accurate backups and a quicker recovery enable you to reduce the time and costs associated with AD outages and reduce the impact on users throughout your organization.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition automates the Active Directory domain or forest recovery process enabling you to recover to a point-in-time before the directory became corrupt. It selects unaffected backups, quarantines the damaged environment, and automates all the manual steps required to facilitate a quick and successful domain or forest recovery.

Microsoft Exchange Recovery and Domino Recovery

Recovery Manager for Exchange allows individual, message-level items to be restored from regular Exchange backups, un-mounted .edb information stores and Lotus Domino .nsf files without setting up a dedicated recovery server.

Recovery Manager for SharePoint

Quest Recovery Manager for SharePoint is an enterprise-level solution that provides granular recovery of data for SharePoint 2003 and 2007. It can recover anything in the backup of your SharePoint content database¿individual documents, lists, document libraries, sites, workspaces, site collections¿and restore it to any SharePoint instance or a file system. Best of all, you can use the backups you already have; no proprietary platforms and no site- or item-level backups required.

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