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Published By:  Quest Software International

Active Directory Change Auditing

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Award-winning Quest ChangeAuditor proactively tracks, audits, reports, and alerts on vital configuration changes¿in real-time and without the overhead of native auditing. You will instantly know who made what change when, where and why. Plus, get the original and current values for fast troubleshooting. You can then automatically generate intelligent, in-depth forensics for auditors and management¿and reduce the risks associated with day-to-day modifications.

ChangeAuditor helps you prevent unauthorized changes from disrupting your Windows environment:

Audit and report on all critical changes including Group Policy Objects, DNS, server configurations and nested groups.
Track user and administrator activity ¿such as access to critical files¿to protect your infrastructure from unauthorized access and maintain regulatory compliance.
Turn meaningless data into meaningful intelligence ¿real-time Smart Alerts, in-depth reports and powerful searches¿that safeguards the security and compliance of your infrastructure.
Automate compliance reporting using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SRS)¿and built-in reports and custom reporting tools¿for meaningful security and compliance reports on the fly.

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