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Retina CS

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Identify security exposures, analyse business impact, and plan/conduct remediation across your entire infrastructure.

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Enterprise Vulnerability Management Software for Dynamic IT Environments

Retina CS is the only vulnerability management software solution designed from the ground up to provide organizations with context-aware vulnerability assessment and risk analysis. Retina’s results-oriented architecture works with users to proactively identify security exposures, analyze business impact, and plan and conduct remediation across disparate and heterogeneous infrastructure. Over 10,000 customers worldwide rely on Retina to enable visible, measurable and actionable vulnerability management across their organizations. Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management software enables you to:

Discover network, web, mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructure Profile asset configuration and risk potential Pinpoint vulnerabilities, malware and attacks Analyze threat potential and return on remediation Remediate vulnerabilities via integrated patch management (optional) Report on vulnerabilities, compliance, benchmarks, etc. Protect endpoints against client-side attacks.


  • Results-Driven Architecture: Start by specifying what you want to accomplish, such as generating a vulnerability report, a HIPAA compliance report, or an asset delta report.
  • Intelligent Analytics: Run what-if scenarios and team capacity analyses to inform resource allocation decisions.
  • Interactive Results: Home in on data pertaining to a specific audience or goal.
  • 260+ Actionable Reports: Communicate with technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Compliance Reporting: Map vulnerability and configuration audits to COBIT, GLBA, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO-27002, ITIL, MASS 201, NERC-FERC, NIST, PCI, SOX and more (optional).
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence: Gauge severity based on asset scoring, BeyondTrust malware & exploit research, exploit databases, exploitability indices, CVSS and more.
  • Trending, Deltas, Threat Analyzers and Heat Maps: Share vulnerability management progress with executives, compliance auditors and others.
  • Configuration Benchmarking: Scan against benchmarks including DISA Gold Disk, SCAP, NIST, FDCC, USGCB, CIS and Microsoft®; customize images to match in-house policies; CIS Security Benchmark certified (optional).
  • SLA Compliance Reports: Measure threat severity level against dynamic asset groupings.
  • Pivot Grid Ad-Hoc Reporting: Meet unique business requirements by creating customized reports using virtually any data collected by Retina.
  • Third-Party Integration: Share data with SIEM, GRC, NMS and help desk solutions.


  • Vulnerability Assessment: Flag vulnerabilities, attacks, and malware by asset for a complete view of a device’s risk.
  • Comprehensive Discovery: Locate known and previously unknown assets across network (local and remote), web, mobile, cloud and virtual environments.
  • Asset Profiling: Gather information including IP, DNS, OS, MAC address, ports, services, software, processes, hardware, event logs and more.
  • Asset Smart Groups: Group, assess, and report on assets by IP range, naming convention, operating system, domain, applications, business function, Active Directory and more.
  • Asset Context Awareness: Evaluate Smart Group value & risk based on collateral damage potential or target distribution, plus confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements.
  • Customizable Asset Risk: Weigh asset risks based on threat risk or exposure risk, and then apply a scale of 1-10 to prioritize remediation.
  • Cloud Scanning: Discover and scan online and offline Amazon®, GoGrid®, IBM®, Rackspace® and VMware® environments.
  • VMware Verified: Scan virtual environments requiring PCI and HIPAA compliance.
  • Patch Management: Remediate vulnerabilities with onboard patch management for Microsoft WSUS and SCCM for Microsoft and third-party applications (optional).
  • Unmatched Reporting: Tap into the included BeyondInsight central data warehouse for targeted reports.
  • User Risk Discovery: Map vulnerability management data to privileged account management data (from BeyondTrust PowerBroker solutions) to reveal user-triggered risks.
  • Scheduling and Alerts: Schedule assessments and configure email alerts.


  • Automated Credentialed Scans: Automate the use of continuously rotating privileged credentials with PowerBroker Password Safe.
  • Flexible Deployment: Deploy software, appliances and/or virtual machines.
  • N-Tier, Multitenant Architecture: Ensure maximum scalability & gain centralized control.
  • Scalable Scan Engines: Each Retina scan engine can singlehandedly cover a Class-A network.
  • Credential Management: Retina CS automatically selects the credentials with the highest level of privileges on each scan target when multiple credentials are provided.
  • Retina Protection Agent: Local assessment, continuous zero-day monitoring, and intrusion prevention for offline devices.
  • Role-Based Access: Provide permissioned access to view, assess and report on data.
  • Centralized Dashboards: Consolidate and report on enterprise-wide activities.
  • Scanner Pooling: Direct multiple scanners to collaboratively assess large environments.
  • Integrated Data Warehouse: Sort and filter historical data to gain multiple perspectives.
  • Modern User Interface: Interact seamlessly with massive amounts of data.
  • Local and Remote Scanning: Cover segregated, firewalled and disparate infrastructure.
  • Effortless Updates and Upgrades: Expand capabilities through license key updates.

Zero-Gap Vulnerability Management for Diverse Infrastructure

Able to discover and assess any IT resource in your organization, Retina CS offers zero-gap vulnerability management coverage of the largest, most diverse IT environments. Agentless and agent-based scanning protects assets, whether they are connected to your network or not.

Unmatched Scalability and Flexibility for Large Enterprises

Retina’s multi-tier architecture gives you optimal scalability and maximum control over your enterprise vulnerability management processes. It is designed for simple deployment and management of networks with multiple firewalls, IDS/IPS, VLANS and disparate locations.

Results-Driven Reporting and Analytics

With the most powerful reporting and analytics capabilities in its class, Retina CS makes it easy to make smart decisions, communicate risk, and report vulnerability management progress to executives and compliance auditors.

Extensive Compliance Coverage

The Regulatory Reporting Module simplifies compliance reporting for COBIT, GLBA, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO-27002, ITIL, MASS 201, NERC-FERC, NIST, PCI, SOX, and many more government and industry mandates.

Seamless Patch Management

The Patch Management Module closes the loop on vulnerabilities with seamless patching for Microsoft and third-party applications. Integrated, automated and agentless, the solution improves the efficiency of your patching process.

Automated Configuration Compliance

The Configuration Compliance Module streamlines auditing and reporting against industry configuration guidelines and best practices from FDCC, NIST, STIGS, USGCB, CIS and Microsoft.

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