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Privileged Account Management (PowerBroker)

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Privileged Account Management (PowerBroker)

Published By:  BeyondTrust

Benefit from solutions that span every privileged account management scenario - from passwords, to servers, desktops, AD bridge, auditing and more - utilising a centralized console.

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Controlling, monitoring and auditing privileged access is extremely important to mitigating the risks posed by insider threats, preventing data breaches, and meeting compliance requirements. But security and IT leaders have to walk a fine line between protecting the organization’s critical data to ensure business continuity, and enabling users and administrators to be productive.

BeyondTrust Privileged Account Management solutions close the gap between IT security requirements and user enablement. With BeyondTrust, security and IT operations teams gain a comprehensive privileged account management solution, deep analytical insights for better decision making, and extensibility across the security landscape. As a result, your organization reduces IT security risks, simplifies compliance, and maintains user productivity.

  • Satisfy stakeholders with deep reporting and analytics
  • Integrate with other solutions, like vulnerability management, to increase intelligence and make better decisions to reduce risk

PowerBroke is available in the following editions:

PowerBroker Password Safe
PowerBroker for Unix & Linux
PowerBroker for Windows
PowerBroker Identify Services (AD Bridge)


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