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EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition [Commercial - Upgrade]

Published By:  Attachmate Corporation

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Commercial - Perpetual Licence Upgrade (Trade-In) (1) Licence - Electronic Multiple Platforms   £287.00   Email   Add to Basket

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Attachmate EXTRA!® Mainframe Server Edition is terminal emulation software for multi-host environments. It securely connects Windows users to applications running on IBM Mainframe (3270), IBM AS/400 (5250), and UNIX/Linux/OpenVMS (VT) systems, helping organizations productively manage mission-critical host access. EXTRA! Mainframe Server Edition, with its EXTRA! X-treme emulation component, provides three essential capabilities: maximum security when accessing valuable legacy host data, an array of features for enhancing user productivity, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with new and evolving technologies, such as new operating systems, Citrix, Active Directory and Group Policy, and PKI infrastructures. The first application certified for Microsoft Windows Vista, EXTRA! X-treme provides seamless integration with Microsoft Office. This means users can access all their familiar Office productivity features from within the EXTRA! X-treme framework. EXTRA! X-treme v9 is built to safeguard data in motion, boost user productivity, and make reliable connections from any desktop to any host.

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