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Articulate Engage [Licence]

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Energise your e-learning courses with Engage, a quick and easy tool that lets you create lean-forward experiences that learners love. The ability to produce dazzling interactions that turn passive viewers into active learners makes Engage a must-have for producing quality e-learning courses.

Easy authoring

Introducing a streamlined the user interface, more interactions and redesigned output. Create beautiful interactions by simply filling out a form.

Streamlined, form-based authoring

Build your media-rich interactions even faster. With the new user interface in Articulate Engage, you add text, multimedia, and images to an interaction in one highly simplified window. Just fill out the intuitive forms and you'll have an engaging 720 x 540 interaction in minutes.

20 interaction types

With the 10 new interactions in Engage, you can build 20 different types of interactions for your e-learning content. Let learners tab through folders or content on an image, view content on bulletin boards, zoom into images, see a simulated Internet chat conversation, and more.

Customisable look

Make each interaction your own. You can easily customize the look and feel of your interactions by changing colours and animation effects. Matching interactions to the rest of your course - and brand guidelines - takes just a few clicks.


Add photographic and illustrated characters to your course right from the Engage character library. Choose from up to 47,500 combinations of characters, expressions, and poses.


Import videos in virtually any format, including those you make in Articulate Replay. You can also record video from your webcam, or easily embed it from websites such as YouTube. And with the video editor in Engage, you can easily crop and trim your video, adjust the volume, or add a watermark or logo.


Add narration and sound to your interaction by importing audio, or simply record it right in Engage. And with the built-in editor, you can easily edit audio files by clicking and dragging on a visual of the track.

Stunning output

Articulate have redesigned every interaction in Engage with a clean, modern look - so they're more beautiful than ever.


Let learners resume where they left off, advance in a specific order, or explore any way they want - using a single set of intuitive player controls.

Unified Player

All Articulate Studio 13 products share a unified player. So if you add an Engage interaction to your Articulate Presenter 13 course, learners can easily navigate using a single set of controls.

Three Playback Modes

You choose how much control to give learners when viewing your Engage content. Set playback to interactive to let learners advance in any order, or linear to have them advance in a set order. Or, choose presentation to automatically advance the interaction.

Resume Playback

Let learners come back to a standalone interaction exactly where they left off. With the resume feature, learners don't have to start again at the beginning unless they want to.


Create your interaction once, then easily publish it for learners everywhere with just a few clicks.

Publish to Flash, HTML5 and Mobile

Let learners view interactions wherever they are. Just build your interaction, then publish it to multiple formats all at once so learners can view on their desktops, laptops, iPads, and more. Engage publishes to HTML5, Flash, and the Articulate Mobile Player, a native app that optimises content for iPads.

Publish to Presenter as Slides

It's easy to add Engage interactions as slides in your Articulate Presenter 13 course. You can even make sure learners complete the entire interaction before they can progress to the next slide in the course.

Publish to Presenter as Player Tabs

Add the reference materials you build in Engage - such as interactive FAQs and glossaries - to the player on your Articulate Presenter 13 course. Just publish the interactions as player tabs so learners can access them any time.

Publish to Word

Make it easy for subject matter experts and others to review your interactions by publishing them to Microsoft Word with a single click.

Tracking and Reporting

Engage publishes Tin Can API-, SCORM-, and AICC-compliant content, so it works seamlessly with learning management systems that support those standards. You can also publish your course to Articulate Online to track and report on interaction activity cost-effectively.


Articulate Community

Get even more from Articulate Studio products by joining the industry's largest, most active community: E-Learning Heroes. Curated by widely recognised leaders in e-learning, E-Learning Heroes gives you access to ready-to-use, beautifully designed templates for free. Watch tutorials and get practical tips, free downloads, expert advice, and more. Join user discussion groups to learn about best practices, shortcuts, and tips for building the ultimate e-learning course.

Template Sharing

Save your Studio project as a template, then share it with the Articulate community. Or, email the template to team members, helping standardise course design across your organisation.

Character Packs

Build your Studio character library with additional photographic character packs featuring a range of ethnicities, ages, and clothing. You can use each additional pack you buy with both your Studio and Storyline products. Each photographic character pack includes standing poses, headshots, and torso crops, so you can quickly find the right look.

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