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ApexSQL Universal Studio

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ApexSQL Universal Studio

Published By:  ApexSQL

A range of tools to create and edit SQL, and audit, compare, document and edit database schemas

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ApexSQL Universal Studio provides a comprehensive toolset of tools for managing SQL Server databases. With support for SQL Server 2008, command line support, free minor and major upgrades for 1 year and all new product releases for 1 year, ApexSQL Universal Studio represents fantastic value for money, saving you 80% over buying all the products individually.

Included in ApexSQL Universal Studio:

  • ApexSQL Audit - Track all database changes by user, machine, date and application, and report on them
  • ApexSQL Clean - Ensures clean deletion of data and provides analysis of database object dependencies
  • ApexSQL Data Diff - Compare and synchronise database data and perform row level recovery from database backups
  • ApexSQL Diff - Compare and synchronise databases
  • ApexSQL Doc - Document your databases and SSIS packages and include graphical dependency diagrams
  • ApexSQL Edit - A SQL IDE. Debug stored procedures and functions, profile individual lines of code, use auto-replacements and Intelliprompt, format and refactor code and visualise object dependencies. Works with Subversion, Visual SourceSafe and others
  • ApexSQL Enforce - Ensure compliance with your corporate policies, reverse and fix compliancy violations with automatically generated SQL scripts, enforce naming conventions and identify potention problems when upgrading to new versions of SQL Server
  • ApexSQL Log - Analyse SQL Server's transaction logs and rollback SQL Server transactions
  • ApexSQL Recover - Recover data lost from DELETE, TRUNCATE and DROP, recover corrupted databases or detached MDFs, recover BLOBs, row level recovery supported
  • ApexSQL Script - Create object and insert scripts, EXEs and deployment packages
  • ApexSQL SSIS Compare - Compare all or part of SSIS packages and compare multiple packages at once
  • ApexSQL Diff API - Programmatic access to the ApexSQL comparison API. Use both database schema and data compare and sync functionality in your own applications. Works with any .NET language.
  • ApexSQL Log API - Programmable API to add transaction log auditing capabilities to your own applications. Intended for specialised auditing modules and performance tracking.
  • ApexSQL Debug - Profile stored procedures line by line, step in, out and through debugging, supports conditional break points, watches and call stacks and more. Works with SQL Server Management Studio.
  • ApexSQL Refactor - Format your SQL code, encapsulate SQL into stored procedures, expand wildcards and more. Works with SQL Server Management Studio.

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