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Create interactive eLearning content.

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Adobe Captivate 8 software reimagines the way mobile learning is crafted. Rapidly author a wide range of mobile-first, responsive eLearning content without programming using an all-new, simplified intuitive UI. Easily preview content for different screen sizes by selecting device layouts on the fly. Leverage device-specific capabilities, such as GPS, accelerometer, and gesture support, to deliver mobile learning as it is truly meant to be. Now enrich your courses with new customisable interactions, themes and smart shapes.

New features in Captivate 8

NEW Multiscreen responsive elearning authoring

Author as you always have — content will rearrange itself for the new tablet and mobile views. Tweak content for a specific device and use the in-product preview to see how your project will appear on various screens. Publish as a single project and automatically deliver the most appropriate experience for your learner’s device.

NEW Responsive themes

Choose from a selection of out-of-the-box responsive themes to render differentiated content for multiple devices. Customise themes to meet your requirements, or create your own. Save themes for reuse across projects.

NEW Smart positioning of objects

Easily define the relative position of objects with respect to screen borders or other objects, maintaining content and layout integrity across devices.

NEW Multidevice previews

View exactly how your content will look on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Preview your project on stage or browser, or use the free Adobe Edge Inspect app to see how it will look on a physical mobile device.

NEW Device-aware eLearning delivery

Publish your responsive project to leading LMSs as a single project. The project will automatically detect your learner’s device and deliver the most appropriate experience for it.

NEW Gesture-enabled mobile learning

Use the multitouch technology embedded in modern user interfaces to allow learners to tap, scroll, pinch, and swipe their way through courses. Leverage gesture support to enable more instinctive interaction between the learner and the content.

NEW Responsive Screen Capture

Create a single screen capture project that works across devices. Adobe Captivate detects screen activity in the recording window and automatically pans to those areas to create screen capture output for the tablet and mobile views as well.

NEW Geo-location support

Utilise the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to deliver timely, location-aware content to learners. Create assessments that require learners to be at a particular geolocation.

NEW MinMax object sizing

Fix the minimum and maximum size of objects so that they do not rescale across device views. This is especially useful for images such as logos, which need to look consistent and be legible at all times.

NEW Scroll for tablets and mobiles

Easily enable scrolling of content on tablets and mobiles to accomodate content that spills over a single screen.

NEW Native support for HTML5 objects

Now import HTML5 animations into your Adobe Captivate project without requiring any plug-ins. Place animations exactly where you need them, resize if required, and publish effortlessly in the HTML5 format.

ENHANCED Best-in-class HTML5 publishing

Deliver eLearning on the go with full support for scalable HTML5 and new mobile themes and play bar. Deliver courses optimized for mobile devices by publishing eLearning content as HTML5.

NEW All-new, intuitive user interface

Now call on the power-packed functionalities of Adobe Captivate 8 from within a redesigned UI that makes authoring simple and efficient. Enjoy authoring with an interface that is simple enough for subject matter experts and powerful enough for experienced users.

NEW Retina display support

Use Adobe Captivate 8 at a resolution that matches your Mac. Enjoy a superior authoring experience thanks to high-resolution icons and UI assets that make your program elements look crisp.

NEW Popup Blocker

Now get rid of annoying notifications that pop up in the middle of your screen capture. Automatically remove the unwanted popup by just selecting it. Alternatively easily replace the unwanted segment with a desirable one, using just a few clicks.

Top Features in Adobe Captivate 8

HTML5 publishing

Deliver eLearning on the go. Publish eLearning content as HTML5, and take your courses to mobile devices. Send scoring data to leading SCORM- and AICC-compliant LMSs and track learner progress.

Roundtrip with Microsoft PowerPoint

Import your PowerPoint slides in eLearning projects. Bring in objects, animations, and multimedia, easily update the content, and keep your PowerPoint and Adobe Captivate projects in sync with the dynamically linked import option.

High-definition (HD) screencast

Easily create high-quality product demos with the new capture-as-a-video workflow. Edit video, and add transitions, smart shapes, audio, and captions. Insert a talking head or another video in a picture-in-picture format. Publish it to YouTube with a single click.

Drag-and-drop components

Make eLearning fun with drag-and-drop games, quizzes, and learning modules that can run on desktops and iPads. Provide audio feedback in response to users’ drag-and-drop actions.

Enhanced interactions library

Insert aesthetically designed interactive elements to eLearning content with just a click. Select from a wide range of out-of-the-box interactions, like Hangman, Jigsaw, Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion and Pyramid, customize the content and appearance, and you’re done.


Tell your eLearning story more effectively using human characters. Select from a wide range of out-of-the-box actors making various gestures to give your eLearning a more personal touch. Set them against relevant backgrounds to make your scenarios look more realistic.

Pre-test and branch-aware quizzing

Use pre-tests to assess the knowledge, skill level, or training needs of individual learners. Based on the results, direct learners to the appropriate section, and quiz them at the end to gauge what they have learned.

iPad publishing

Take your eLearning to mobile iDevices. Create interactive eLearning content in a jiffy using the iPad and iPhone presets. Publish content as HTML5, for access using browsers on iPads and iPhones.

HTML5 and Pause & Resume support for Adobe Connect

Publish HTML5 courses to Adobe Connect. Make your content more mobile with the ability to pause and resume anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device on browsers.

HTML5 support for Microsoft PowerPoint

Import your PowerPoint project, including text, shapes, audio, and animations, into Adobe Captivate 7 and publish them directly to HTML5.

Enhanced accessibility support

Expand your outreach to defence, government, and educational organizations. Easily create simulations and demonstrations that address accessibility standards such as Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). Define text equivalents, insert clickable areas that allow keyboard access, and more to help ensure that everyone can access your content.

Integration with Tin Can-, SCORM- and AICC-compliant LMSs

Rest assured that your scoring data will integrate smoothly with your Learning Management System (LMS). Publish your courses effortlessly to leading LMSs, like Moodle, Blackboard, Plateau, Saba, and SumTotal.


  • 1GHz or faster processor Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, or Intel Core Duo (or compatible) processor
  • Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or 8.1
  • 2GB minimum RAM (4GB recommended)
  • 5GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on flash-based storage devices)
  • Adobe Flash Player 10/11 for viewing multimedia content
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 1,024x768 display (1,280x1024 recommended) with 16-bit video card
  • Broadband Internet connection required for online services and activation.


  • Multicore Intel processor
  • Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8, or v10.9; iOS 7.0.3 (for iPad)
  • 2GB minimum RAM (4GB recommended)
  • 5GB of available hard-disk space, additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on flash-based storage devices)
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 or 11 for viewing multimedia content
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 1,024x768 display (1,280x1024 recommended) with 16-bit video card
  • Broadband Internet connection required for online services and activation.

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