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Acronis ArchiveConnect

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Acronis ArchiveConnect

Published By:  Acronis

Preventing Mac usability features from triggering unnecessary requests to restore archived files

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ArchiveConnect enables organizations to effectively deploy file archiving products with Mac desktops. File archiving solutions can help companies reduce storage costs by 80%, while reducing the cost and time spent backing up file servers. ArchiveConnect ensures that the Mac Finder provides a great end-user experience, allowing users to easily access both online and archived files, preventing the advanced Mac usability features like “Preview', “Quick Look' and “Cover Flow' from triggering unnecessary requests to restore archived files.

ArchiveConnect offers benefits to the Windows System Administrator, as well as the Mac end-user.

Examples include:

Windows Administrators:

  • Reduce the administrative costs of deploying and maintaining Mac access to file archives
  • Reduce hardware costs by taking full advantage of your File System Archiving system
  • Reduce requests to the help desk for access to archived files
  • Reduce server storage usage and network downtime by preventing the unintended recall of files

Mac Users:

  • Save time with simple, Finder-based access to archived files
  • Improve collaboration with PC users accessing the same files

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