Visual Studio Showcase
Visual Studio 2017 and Xamarin

Xamarin is Microsoft’s toolset for creating rich native apps using a one core codebase across iOS, Android and Windows. With advanced debugging, profiling tools, and unit test generation features, Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017 streamlines mobile development for .NET developers.

You can also choose to develop mobile apps with Apache Cordova or build C++ cross platform libraries.

  • build high performance apps with beautiful user interfaces, customised for each platform
  • use Xamarin.Forms when you prefer to optimise code sharing, or use the native designers for Android and iOS when you optimise for custom UIs

Xamarin Test Cloud makes mobile app testing easy by finding bugs before you ship with automated tests running on the devices your customers use.

  • automate your app testing on 2,000 real devices in the cloud
  • build quality mobile apps quickly and with confidence
  • test everything your users can do, from pinching and swiping to double-tapping and scrolling
  • find performance problems on any OS automatically with step-by step memory and performance tracking

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