ISV Licensing Showcase

The Microsoft Independent Software Vendor Royalty (ISV Royalty) Licensing Program offers Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and System Integrators (SIs) a way to license Microsoft products and integrate them into an on-premise business software application. ISVs provide the business solution and distribute a fully licensed solution to their end users. The ISV Royalty Program is not a reseller program, but is a program that grants ISVs the rights to license Microsoft products as part of a unified solution.


The benefits of participating in the Royalty Licensing Program are:

  • Ability to deliver a total solution. Offer a single solution for your users and avoid software deployment delays. Users benefit from having just one source to obtain a complete solution, including the Microsoft licensed products.
  • Potential cost reductions. As you can preconfigure and pre-optimise the Microsoft elements of your installation you may be able to reduce your and your customers installation, configuration, update and support costs.
  • Potential profit increases. You can redistribute Microsoft licenses and maintenance upgrade coverage with your solution to provide an additional revenue stream for potential profit.
  • Extended product life cycle. After Microsoft releases a new version of a product, you can sell licenses for the previous version as part if your unified solution for up to 24 additional months.
  • Free distribution for demo purposes. You have royalty-free distribution rights for demonstration copies to your sales force or third parties that you authorise.
  • Extended user evaluations. You can offer up to a 120-day trial of your unified solution to prospective customers.
  • Wide selection of Microsoft licensed products. You have access to a wide range of Microsoft server applications and some desktop PC applications. You can also access the most current version of Microsoft licensed products that includes the most updated security features and other enhanced features.
  • Worldwide distribution. You can distribute your unified solution to users in any part of the world where local laws allow it.
  • Opportunities with academic users. You can offer licenses with special academic pricing to qualified academic users.
  • One organisation-wide agreement. You can include affiliates associated with your organisation under one Royalty agreement.
How we can help

Grey Matter enables you to take advantage of the Microsoft Royalty Program with minimal reporting and licensing management overhead on your part. We help by:

  • Providing a price list from which you can quote your customer
  • Providing you and/or your sales team with tailored quotes on a customer by customer basis
  • Reporting all licensing orders to Microsoft – you just email us a report in an Excel template each month (we’ll remind you)
  • Letting you know when your customers need to renew any maintenance. for more information.